How well do you know your rights?

BY: Eugenia Asare Tandoh

I am sure you have heard many people say 'I know my rights', 'it is her right to go to school' or 'our rights are being trampled upon'.

Yes, rights are those essential conditions of social life without which no person can generally realise his or her true self. It is only when people get and enjoy rights that they can develop their personalities and contribute their best  to the society.

Rights are also conditions and protections that cannot be breached by others, not even by the government.

In Ghana, every individual has certain rights and it is the duty of the government and legal systems in the country to protect and uphold these rights.

There are so many types of rights, some of which are natural rights, moral rights, human rights etc., but for our discussion today, we will look at the fundamental human rights we are all enjoying.

What are human rights?

Human rights are the most basic rights that are granted to an individual from birth, or the rights that the individual is born with.

They are rights enjoyed by individuals from birth until they die.

In other words, human rights cannot be separated from a person. They can never be taken away from the person who enjoys them.

These rights are universal as they apply to people regardless of their skin colour, religion, sex and ethnicity.

Fundamental human rights in Ghana, as in any other country, are based on some values, including fairness, respect, equality of persons and dignity, and all of them are enshrined in the Constitution of our dear country.

Below is a list of human rights in Ghana as enshrined in the Constitution:

The right to life — The right to life, however, is limited and no person shall be liable for the death of another in cases of war or when the death is justifiable under law.

Right to personal liberty – This is not an