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I Have A Bad Temper

Dear Auntie Betty,
My friends at school have a wrong impression about me.
I have a bad temper but I always try to control myself. However, they say bad things about me.
At first I had a close friend who was not of good behaviour and so I thought that was why I was called names. I ended that relationship, but that didn’t change the situation.
Some pretend to like me, but behind me they backbite me. At first I decided to ignore them but it is affecting me. I try to put on a smiling face but I hurt inwardly. What should I do?
Betty, Takoradi.
Dear Betty,
I am happy that you are trying to control your temper. You know we all need others around us to be happy and so continue working on your temper.
It will take time but you surely can overcome.
Anytime you realise you are about to lose your temper, just leave the scene of the problem.
The way some of your friends are behaving is typical of certain people. Therefore, you should not think that everyone who smiles at you or says nice things to you likes you.
In the real world you meet people such as these so-called friends and so do not trust anyone.
But that does not mean you should be angry with them and fight them all the time. Once you know how they are, you should learn how to relate with them and not take them as your close friends.
Sometimes some children speak ill of others because they are jealous. So, Betty, love yourself and work on improving your temper just one day at a time. All the best.