All that glitters is not gold

BY: Eugenia Adjei Mensah

Kojo and Esi were childhood friends who ended up as married couples. Unfortunately, their marriage was not a happy one as they had wished for. Kojo was not earning much income and so it could not cover the expenses at home.

This, therefore, led to them always quarreling over money.

In order to please his wife, Kojo will go out of his way to buy a nice present for Esi but she never showed appreciation. She would pick the item and look at it in a disgusting manner and blurt out: What cheap thing is this?’ Having asked that, she will then drop the present on the floor and walk away.

Kojo thought seriously about what he could do to improve his income. He realised that his educational qualification was low and so he needed to go back to school to upgrade himself. This way, he would get a good job, his salary would increase and he would be able to satisfy his wife’s demands. 

He, therefore, applied and got admission to one of the teacher training colleges to train as a professional teacher. Because the programme he applied for was residential, he had to leave home to stay at school.

On the day he was leaving home, as a good husband that he had always been, he called Esi and told her, ‘Please take very good care of yourself.’

While Kojo was away in school, Esi also went about her normal life at home. In order to get over the boredom, she attended  many social  events. 

One day, when she attended one of those  events, she met Kofi, a rich young  man who owed a fleet of vehicles. Esi was instantly attracted to him because of the way he was dressed and the flashy car  he drove. 

After chatting for a while, Kofi  proposed to her, Esi accepted it. Furthermore, she stopped picking calls from Kojo whom she felt had made life difficult for her.

Esi had fallen so deeply in love with Kofi that within a short time, without informing Kojo, she packed out of her matrimonial home and went to live with Kofi in his beautiful house.   Kofi showered Esi with  expensive presents. She had all that she dreamt about   - flashy cars, beautiful designer dresses and shoes.

She was so happy that she forgot all about Kojo, whom she had called to inform that she was no longer interested in their marriage.

Her actions really  hurt Kojo but he took it in his stride and moved on.  When he completed the training college, he was posted to one of the public schools in the country and because he was dedicated, he rose quickly to become an assistant headmaster and later a headmaster.

His position came with a bungalow, a car and an increase in his salary.
He remarried in no time to Patricia and they lived happily together.  They were blessed with two lovely boys.

One day, in the absence of Kofi,  Esi was having a  nice time with her friends  at home when she heard a knock at her main door. When she opened that door, she saw Kofi in the hands of armed policemen.

Upon enquiries, she learnt that Kofi had been caught with illegal substance suspected to be cocaine. They were in his house for a search to find out if there were some hidden substances. During the search, indeed, some of the banned drugs were found under his bed.

Kofi was taken to court, tried and jailed for 15 years and all his assets were confiscated to the state, including the house he lived in with Esi. She  was left with nothing and she became poor again.  She went back to Kojo to beg for forgiveness only to realise he had remarried.

Esi had no choice but to go back to her parents who accepted her but there was no vacant room for her to sleep in their home so she slept on the verandah. To make matters worse, she realised she was pregnant with Kofi’s child.

All her so-called friends abandoned her in her time of need. Having learnt her lesson the hard way, she started advising young girls not to be deceived by outward appearances because ‘not all that glitters is gold’.

Queenster Amezah,