Former President John Dramani Mahama
Former President John Dramani Mahama

Revelation: Why NDC must pick running mate from the Ashanti region

To inspire, rejuvenate and ignite fire that be in the National Democratic Congress (NDC), a strange yet vivid dream gripped me in a night ago, revealing the best path for the NDC to secure victory in 2024.


In this dream, I saw former President Mahama consulting with a wise old man under a baobab tree in Kumasi. The sage said, "The game changer lies here in Ashanti."

As a concerned citizen and a student leader at the University of Ghana, I have quietly observed the political wind across our nation. While I appreciate the grace and intellect brought to the NDC ticket by Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang in 2020, the dynamics have shifted. 
The NPP's new flagbearer is energizing zongo communities, especially in the Ashanti Region. Per my engagements with students nationwide, this is likely to surge NPP support in Ashanti and could cripple the NDC's chances in 2024.

However, my dream revealed a ray of hope - the NDC selecting an Ashanti running mate. This would counteract the NPP's gains in the region and potentially lead President Mahama to victory. 

It will put fire and re-energise the NDC, in both Ashanti or better still in Alan dominated areas and the zongos collectively.

After consulting party sages in my vision, three Akan (Ashanti) politicians stood out as ideal running mates:

Mr. Kojo Bonus - His grassroots networks across Ashanti can sway key swing votes.

Mr. Eric Opoku - His intellectual and vested knowledge in economics, especially in the agric sector couple with his regional ministerial experience provides key insights on Ashanti's needs.

Currently, Eric Opoku still controls and has the influences on most Akan areas, especially the rural and farming communities with a substantial network in the urban areas.

Nevertheless, Mr. Awuah Darko also shines the brightest in my dream. Mr. Darko possesses the raw energy and force of personality needed to ignite the youth. His warm manner and common touch will revitalize party structures. I saw vivid scenes in my dream of him electrifying rallies in zongos as our supporters chanted his name. I realised in my dream that if the NDC is to stand any chance in 2024, we need a running mate who can galvanise our youth base. We need an individual with vitality, charisma and strength of conviction. Prof. Jane, with all due respect, often came across as too reserved to stir passion amongst the youth and grassroots.  

Beyond galvanising party youth, Mr. Darko's stellar leadership at BOST and TOR indicates he is the man who can lead Ghana's economic recovery. With the economy in turmoil, his experience rescuing insolvent state enterprises is invaluable. He has the clout and skill to inspire confidence in international markets.

The NDC must at best heed to this dream revelation and choose Awuah Darko as running mate. Alternatively, Eric Opoku also shines to break the unique monopoly of the NPP in the Akans or the Ashanti enclaves.

Uniting behind an Ashanti leader of his caliber and conviction is indispensable to winning the youth and zongo votes that will swing the 2024 elections. 

Party leaders must look beyond personal interests and make the strategic move my vision foretold. The time has come to select an Ashanti running mate and open the path to victory. This revelation must not be ignored. 

It should also be noted that, the vice Presidential candidate should if not for anything at all come from the Ashanti Region, which must be non-negotiable.

NDC must rise again with fire to fire to ignite the bases and recapture power which is almost at hand with a youthful running mate like Awuah Darko and co.

This article was written by Comrade Seidu Rashid: Email : [email protected]
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