Intercity STC is going down hill

BY: Daily Graphic

I feel very much challenged as an employee of Intercity STC Coaches Limited, to alert President John Dramani Mahama that things are not going well with the company as it is heading into a ditch.

Per the company’s own fleet management policy, ISTC should not operate with a fleet size under 150 coaches and vehicles must be taken out of service on travelling 650,000 km.

ISTC’s coach fleet size, which was about 30 at the time of the  current managing director (MD’s) appointment early last year, is now under 10 and most have travelled past 800,000 km.


Ironically, there is a queue of investors eagerly waiting to bring in appreciable numbers of durable buses to be operated on an alliance partnership basis but they are being frustrated by the MD. An example is WEL International Ltd, which has 20 brand new Higer coaches already in the country and another 20 waiting to be shipped.

Instead,  management  is bringing in old coaches from Europe whose acquisition is being  handled  personally by one person for God knows what reason . A Setra  coach procured for an alliance partner has travelled past 850,000 km. One of two coaches  bought for the company has also done over 750,000 km.

Sensing workers’ unease about two 1991 Setra buses that are awaiting clearance at the Tema Port,  a durbar  was recently held during which it  was  stated that the President  had not provided money to buy buses.

Suppliers and alliance partners are owed huge amounts, salaries remain static; a meagre GH¢40  transport allowance enjoyed by junior staff has not been paid since March; even payment of SSNIT contributions has been deferred.

Management  of the company  has also committed ISTC to the machinations of suspected scam operators who have promised securing a 400 million dollar sovereign-backed loan.

I appeal to the President to intervene to stop the further decline of the company.