Family reading: Developing, children’s creativeness

BY: Daniel Ofosu-Asamoah

Creativity is an act that is required and admired in all life’s endeavours. It is the bedrock of innovation and inventiveness.

At all times, what makes a child or an adult unique in all spheres of life is their ability to create something out of anything within their reach. That is to say that everything that one does should be given a touch of creativity, uniqueness, value and life.

For children to develop their capabilities and hone their creative ability, it is required that they are offered an environment and opportunities that help them, right from the beginning, to achieve all these skills and capabilities.

The act of family reading, which is advocated by Ghana Book Development Council (GBDC), an agency under the Ministry of Education, is to ensure that schoolchildren do not only cultivate the habit of reading, but also embrace and take advantage of all the benefits of reading, including developing and honing their creative abilities.


These days schoolchildren are discouraged from engaging in rote learning, where they memorise what they have read or have been taught, leading and regurgitating such information during examination.

Instead, they are expected to add value to the lessons they have received by being innovative and productive in future outcomes.

In the same way, it is expected that adult workers show similar traits in the world of work. Creativity is required in the management of resources – both financial and material.

Good communication and effective leadership also require creativity. These are the ingredients required in today’s world to overcome the emerging challenges, and family reading is one of the means of acquiring such ingredients needed to overcome some of the emerging challenges of today’s world.

The concept of Family Reading, as has been advocated, is the conscious effort by parents and guardians to create an enabling environment for