Book Review: Spiritual Leadership for the Unique Leader (Second Edition)
Book Review: Spiritual Leadership for the Unique Leader (Second Edition)

Book Review: Spiritual Leadership for the Unique Leader (Second Edition)

Author: Dr. Jane R. Mensah

Reviewer: Ebenezer K. Amponsah

Dr. Jane R. Mensah's book, "Spiritual Leadership for the Unique Leader," provides a vivid account of what God expects from spiritual leaders and how they can equip themselves to win souls for the kingdom of God, especially in the face of diverse challenges. 

The author, also the Director and founder of Eternal Word Evangelistic Ministries Int. (ETWORD) since August 1991, uses simple language and well-researched information to convey experiences and biblical examples, such as David's passion and intimacy with God, making him a unique leader despite his weaknesses.

The book consists of 184 chapters, divided into various lessons that make it easy to read, covering facets and principles that underpin spiritual leaders referred to as 'unique.' The first four parts focus on God's plan for humanity and the types of leadership, while the next four lessons illustrate faithfulness in leadership and essential qualities that spiritual leaders should possess.

The subsequent five lessons provide a detailed account of challenges facing spiritual leaders and reveal the leadership secret of Apostle Paul, who distinguished himself as an excellent leader. Lessons cover topics like leadership adversaries, understanding Satan's agenda, handling relationships, and staying committed to achieving dreams.

The author, whose leadership acumen dates back to the 1970s as a young minister of the gospel, provides ample reasons why spiritual leaders should prioritize giving glory to God over selfish ambitions. Mensah also emphasizes the unique power of the Holy Spirit, empowering leaders with virtues such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.

Additionally, the author illustrates how Christian leaders should behave, drawing examples from Jesus Christ, who exhibited modesty and gentleness despite his supremacy on earth. Mensah advises leaders to seek God's guidance and the Holy Spirit's direction for effective functioning with endowed gifts.

She urges leaders not to run ahead of God but to follow His plan, seeking forgiveness sincerely whenever they sin. The author emphasizes the importance of self-evaluation, discipline, and focus for leaders working toward their goals.

What distinguishes this leadership book is the meticulous comparison between natural and spiritual leadership qualities. Mensah contrasts natural leaders, who boast of self-confidence and decision-making without guidance from the Holy Spirit, with spiritual leaders who seek divine guidance, are confident in God, humble, and depend on Him.

The book also explores the concepts of leadership and mentorship, citing Jesus Christ as a mentor to James, John, Peter, and other disciples. It concludes by encouraging spiritual leaders not to give up, advising them to evaluate themselves, maintain discipline, and stay focused.

Dr. Jane stresses the need for spiritual leaders to improve by acquiring additional skills apart from preaching the gospel, enabling them to convey the message to diverse groups across the world concisely.

The book, "Spiritual Leadership for the Unique Leader," is available on Amazon, EPP bookshops, Legon bookshop, and all leading bookstores in Ghana.

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