Night of 1017 Laughs and Music was good

BY: Francis Doku / Graphic Showbiz / Ghana

It is a common joke in the entertainment fraternity that if you were going to a Charterhouse event you have to leave home at least two hours after the advertised time to save yourself the “wahala” of having to sit and wait for so long before the show would begin.

It wasn’t so at all this time around during the MTN sponsored 1000 laughs and music which took place on Boxing Day at the main auditorium of the Accra International Conference Centre as Charterhouse almost started on the time advertised.

It said on the tickets that the gates would open at 7pm and the show would start at 8pm. At about 8:15 the carpet band, the Patch Bay Band, took to the stage to treat the audience to various songs.

Then at 8:46 the emcee for the night, UK-based Congolese comedian, Eddie Kadi appeared on the stage to introduce himself and the running order for the night.

From his arrival on the stage till he introduced the next act Kadi was more than a hilarious emcee. He started with jokes about the Ghanaian’s laid back nature then the Nigerian’s penchant for aggressiveness and why the Congolese doesn’t blink when looking at you or expressing an emotion.

It may be his first time on that series of 1000 laughs stage, but Eddie Kadi was fantastic as both an emcee and a comedian. I rate his performance on the night 8/10.

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The first comedic act on the night was from the Nigerian, Senator who delivered his lines crisply and straight to the point. He rehashed a couple of jokes in the process but made them his own and delivered them very well after which he left to the back stage when the applause was loudest. I rate him 7.5/10

The next comedy Salvado from Uganda made jokes mostly about himself, his country and especially his village. He compared the politeness of the Ghanaian girl to the girl in his village when he gave a tip on what not to do on a date.

Though most of his jokes bordered on sex and hygiene he was fantastic and the audience received him very well and couldn’t believe it when he ended. I rate him 8.5/10.

It was then the turn of the most sought after and most demanded comedian on the night. Akpororo came on stage with a funny looking dressing highlighting the fact that just the sight of him will make people laugh without him even cracking a joke.

Akpororo is an amazing comedian and he delivered very well, not disappointing those who had looked forward to his second coming in one year.

He makes comedy look simple anytime and on the basis of his performance on Boxing Day I rate him 9/10.

The last comedic act on the night was delivered by Bovi, another stalwart in the comedy business in Nigeria. Again, some of Bovi’s jokes were jokes some would have heard before, but he changed them and made them sound even funnier than before. It was another amazing comedic performance and I rate him 9/10 as well.

It was a night of laughs and music and although there was more comedy than music, I don’t think any member of the audience will complain about this. Especially as all the music artistes on the night delivered fantastically.

It may not be enough to say Thread Stone, a four man band did very well, but just to let the world know that Thread Stone is a serious band if you love rock music and their performance although very foreign to many people in the audience, it was received very well and I will give them 7/10 for a good showing.

Steve Bedi can never disappoint with his saxophone and together with his band did an amazing show to get a 7/10 rating on my card. Maybe because I had seen her done it over and again I took Efya’s performance for granted but she did a good Christmas rendition and then also performed Best In Me and then she was gone. She got a rating of 6.10.

All in all, the MTN sponsored Night of 1017 Music and Laughs was one of the best shows I have attended in as many years. Everything on the technical side was great and then the timing was superb and finally the performances were so good. Amazingly the show ended just a little after midnight and people were still sitting down expecting more. We got home before 1 am and I rate the show 8.5/10.