'Corona Life' show to demystify coronavirus

BY: Linda Safoa Antwi
Mikki Osei-Berko and Gloria Osei Sarfo play lead roles in Corona Life
Mikki Osei-Berko and Gloria Osei Sarfo play lead roles in Corona Life

Since Ghana recorded the first cases of the novel coronavirus, health authorities have made laudable efforts to educate people about the pandemic.

While the education has largely sunk in with the Ghanaian people, there are still some myths surrounding the virus that need to be dispelled.

And that is what a new show titled Corona Life is seeking to do; demystify the coronavirus and also help remove the stigma that those who have recovered are now facing.

Show details

Corona Life is the brainchild of inGenius Africa, a media organisation committed to producing high-quality African content.

It is a 10-minute made-for-web, TV and radio drama in Akan pitting a COVID-19 savvy wife against a recalcitrant husband who eventually contracts the virus.

According to producer of the show, Kwame Boadi, who has been involved in some of the popular TV productions in the country including Ultimate Paradise, Taxi Driver and
Sun City, Corona Life is simply to reinforce education on COVID-19 and urging them to be COVID-wise.

“While Ghana’s efforts at containing the spread of COVID-19 have been lauded worldwide, the fact remains that people still lack knowledge about the virus while some people have shown a blatant disregard for the safety and hygiene protocols.”

“There is the need for sustained education if we are to win this fight against COVID-19.

"Drama remains an effective means of communicating a message and bringing about change and that is why we have come up with Corona Life.”

Corona Life will seek to demystify the virus by answering questions on what it means to be infected, to be quarantined and the recovery process so we can help remove the stigma,” he said.


Corona Life will star actors Gloria Osei Sarfo and Mikki Osei Berko.

Kwame Boadi said the choice of the two actors was strategic. “Gloria is known for excellent acting in the Efiewura TV series while Mikki Osei Berko, who I worked with on Taxi Driver, is known for his humour which will come in handy on this show.

“We want to use satire and humour to get our message across and these two actors can do a perfect job.”

Shooting is beginning on the 20-episode show which will air on inGenius Africa’s channel Kente TV, on Graphic Communications Group Limited’s online (www.graphic.com.gh) and social media channels and on Adom TV and Adom FM.

It is sponsored by the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources to whom Kwame Boadi expressed gratitude. ”