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Silver Rain makes its debut

Author: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Juliet (third right) with some members of the cast. From left Elikem, Chumani, Joselyn, Annabel and Enyinna.

A new pan-African movie about to hit Ghanaian screens is Silver Rain from Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante's Eagle Productions.

A well-attended media premiere was held at the Alisa Hotel last Friday ahead of its March 13 premiere at the Accra Mall and West Hills Mall.

Silver Rain, written and directed by Juliet Asante is a story about love and class war. Ajoa, a 'Kayayo' (street porter) from Accra meets Bruce, the rich heir of the Timothy fortunes. Ajoa was initially hesitant to become friends with Bruce until she finds herself into trouble in line of duty.

She contacts Bruce who helps her out, their friendship sets into motion a class war as Ajoa struggles to cross the class divide and find love while Bruce also struggles to find himself independent of his father.

Together, they must brave the turbulent political times, as well as the social obstacles that build. Will they succeed in changing society or will it change them? Can their friendship and love endure considering their backgrounds?

These and many others questions will be answered when one watches Silver Rain. The pan-African movie features Ghana's Joselyn Dumas, Kofi Bucknor, Ofie Kudjo, Elikem Kumordzi and Belinda Baidoo as well as Enyinna Nwigwe  and Uru Eke from Nigeria, Michael Bassey from Sierra Leone, Annabel Mbaru from Kenya and Chumani Pan from South Africa.

Acting generally is very good with Joselyn being taken out of her comfort zone to play Ajoa the 'Kayayo'. She played her role convincingly even though eventually she came back to her usual romantic role. The other cast members also did well.

Costume and make-up are appropriate except at one point why Ajoa is  made up to look so dark only to return to her natural fair complexion. Locations and props were also on point. Pictures and sound are good and, as the director explained at the premiere, the technical inputs will  be better at the Silverbird Cinemas.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Juliet Asante said the movie took five weeks to shoot, three weeks in Ghana and two in South Africa. 

"One of the major challenges was casting from all those African countries, it was quite tough," she said.

Then there was access to power which was a big problem, " we had to hire a track generator to follow us and it was very expensive and tasking," she added.

Shooting in the market , according to Juliet was very tough and chaotic, "shooting at a location like Sodom and Gomorrah was tough and sometimes dangerous, infact it was very chaotic but we sailed through. Also, making Joselyn up everyday from hair to toe to achieve that look for her was tasking," she added.

Obviously it was a high budget movie and Juliet said they exceeded the budget so many times but eventually came out with the kind of quality work they set out to do.

Silver Rain was produced by Adiza Yemohley Yemoh.

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