Mirror Ball on Good Friday

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

March is almost over and Ghanaians will soon immerse themselves in the Easter season which is right around the corner. 

Easter is one of the most patronised holidays on the calendar and this year will be no different regarding the need to celebrate. 

Indeed, next Friday, which happens to be Good Friday, coincides with the Mirror Ball —  a trendy and mature hang out for lovers of music from the old school era.

With this month’s theme set as “Retro”, guests will be inspired to give life to the dress codes of the 70s and 80s.  This is the event to hit the red carpet sporting your Afro wig with the shiny but colourful silk shirt complete with butterfly collars and some corduroys or a nice bell-bottomed pair of jeans elevated on some classic guarantee platforms and that paisley shirt! 

Do you remember when you rewound cassette tapes with a pen or when Kung-fu and Shaolin movies were the in thing? We watched in awe as Bruce Lee and Grace Jones ruled the screens.  Who recalls playing with a Rubik’s cube or watching cowboys and Indian movies on black and white projectors or the era of folding up your short sleeves and popping your collar for that “cool” look. 

If you belong to this supreme clientele you probably recall the fun of afternoon matinee film shows more popularly referred to as “Twe”,  the short form of “twelve noon” when the film shows got under way.  That was a distinguished era when the neighbourhood buses ran on time and anything in the world you needed could be found at Kingsway!

This Friday, DJ Blow, Ghana’s “senior selector”, will give you enough reason to postpone your Saturday morning issues to next week as he promises to thrill guests with an array of favourites and chart busters.  Dance floor enthusiasts can be guaranteed a thorough session of the old school treats as he mixes his refined play list.

The Mirror Ball is a unique treat for the connoisseur of good music and takes place every last Friday of the month in a serene and secure ambience in the Damba Lounge of the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.  Anyone who has visitors from out of town this Easter, born in the 70s and earlier, can count on being a “host with the most” by introducing their guests to the city’s top-rated, world-class entertainment.

The first 100 guests will be surprised with a nostalgic gift from back in the day, while the first 50 will be treated with a refreshing cocktail mixed with the finest liquor from sponsors Kalahari Bitters.