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EDITOR’S LENS:  Ghana needs structured archival facilities to preserve musical heritage
Ghana needs structured archival facilities to preserve musical heritage

EDITOR’S LENS: Ghana needs structured archival facilities to preserve musical heritage

As Ghana's music industry continues to flourish, a pressing concern looms large - the lack of proper archival storage facilities to safeguard our rich musical heritage.


Ghanaian rapper, Trigmatic, has sounded the alarm that without immediate action, our cultural legacy risks fading into oblivion. 

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Trigmatic described the dire state of archival and preservation facilities in Ghana as a ticking time bomb, which threatens to erase a significant part of Ghana’s cultural identity.

He said existing structures, such as the Arts Centre, were woefully under-resourced and in a poor condition, underscoring the urgent need for stakeholders to invest in robust infrastructure.

Trigmatic's call to action is not just timely; it is imperative. Graphic Showbiz believes that our musical history is a vital component of our national heritage. The inconsistencies and contradictory accounts surrounding Ghana's Highlife music history, and the ongoing debates about the origins and pioneers of Hiplife highlight the dire consequences of inadequate archival facilities.

Graphic Showbiz believes that if Ghana had a proper archival storage system, the conflicting narratives and loss of invaluable historical information could have been avoided when recalling our rich musical past. Establishing music museums, libraries and dedicated record stores is crucial. These facilities will serve as indispensable resources for researchers, artists and students, while also inspiring new generations of creatives.

Comparing Ghana to other countries with well-preserved music histories such as South Africa starkly highlights our shortcomings. We must strive to do better!

The time to act is now. Duty bearers must recognise the importance of preserving our musical legacy and take decisive steps to establish well-structured archival facilities. Our cultural heritage depends on them.


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