Precious Pee gets on

BY: Kofi Duah

Four years ago, new gospel artiste, Paulina Kyerewaa, almost gave up her music career after struggling to come out her debut album but now, Paulina is smiling following the release of her new song, Hyira Wo Nyame.

Recorded by Bigbag Records in Kumasi, Hyira Wo Nyame is a praise song on the musician’s upcoming seven-track album.


With her powerful voice, Paulina Kyerewaa aka Precious Pee encourages every sinner to confess their sins for forgiveness on Hyira Wo Nyame.

She entreats every individual to give their life to God because He is the only one who can save people from eternal condemnation.

Paulina also goes on to explain that the only way one can enter the kingdom of God is to be born again.

According to Precious Pee, an employee of Beige Capital Savings and Loans, the reason for doing gospel music is to win souls for God.

“It has always been my dream to win souls for God and now that the door has been opened, I know and believe God will help me win more souls for Him through my music.

“After being through all kinds of challenges, I know God will see me through,” said the 26-year-old singer.


Precious Pee is based in Tema Community 3 and attends Elkana Prayer Ministry.