Ohemaa Mercy— You can run but can’t hide

When she started singing at church as a child, Ohemaa Mercy only considered it a hobby and was content with the happiness that came with it when she ministered to people. She did not ever think about taking it to a bigger stage.

It appeared, however, that God had His own plans, for when the time came, Ohemaa said, she was “arrested and God has used her since as a vessel for his kingdom”.

Just like the story of Jonah told in the bible, Ohemaa said she tried to “run” away from God’s assignment but unlike Jonas who was swallowed by the whale for his disobedience to God’s purpose, Ohemaa was rather lucky to escape from that “destiny”.

Speaking with Showbiz last Monday at the Accra Mall, Ohemaa Mercy said, “When God chooses to use you as a vessel, you cannot run away when the time comes.

You have no control over your life because He had a reason for picking you from the millions of people in the world to fulfill that task”.

For a performer who reflects a lot of energy on stage, that trait was virtually missing during this one-on-one interview. Her explanation? “I am a very quiet person but when I get on stage, it is a different ball game.

I think I am empowered by the Holy Spirit and sometimes, don’t have control over what I do.

 “As a mortal, I underestimated my gift and the ability for God to use me as a vessel for his kingdom. I was really stubborn till God decided to teach me a lesson of my life. I learnt that it is important for man to seek the welfare of the Kingdom of God first before other things.

“I wanted material things that will make me comfortable in life but hard as my husband and I worked hard to improve our living standards, our condition got worse.

It was not until I was humble enough to commit myself to work for the Christendom before things turned out for good.

“When I came out of teacher training college as a professional teacher, I never thought that it will get to a time that my name would be a household name on the gospel music scene.”

Ohemaa Mercy who will be celebrating her tenth anniversary in Ministry this year said that her current album, His Word is a testimony of her life story remarking “His word has been our guide in this journey of life”.

For one who is passionate about the less privileged, a reason for establishing the Ohemaa Mercy Foundation which visits the various prisons to evangelise and worship with them, it is not surprising that the gospel diva is ready to use half of the proceeds from the sale of the new album at the launch for such charitable works.

“Those who know me have always wondered how passionate I am about this prison project and why not? It is really heart breaking to hear stories of some of the inmates in the house and it is surprising that, for some, their families do not even know that they are in prison.

The prisoners are the same people who come back to the society after being released so it is important to win them for God. Teach them the right moral lessons to settle easily in society” she said.

Apart from having a voice that is full of character, Ohemaa’s head gear which she wraps in a particular style has always been a point of attraction anytime she mounts the stage.

“People have come to identify Ohemaa with headgears but I want to bring in a new  look to appeal to my different audiences who enjoy my music.

Anyone who has seen the cover of my new album will see the new Ohemaa Mercy. It is a hybrid of African and corporate style” she said.

How true is it that your marriage almost crashed sometime ago? Ohemaa who was obviously hit by the question took in a deep breath and looked at her husband who was seated next to her “This man here has been with me all these years.

He really understands me and I don’t know who can love and understand me better. It was just a speculation”.

Real name, Mercy Twum Boafo, Ohemaa Mercy whose credentials in the gospel industry has earned her the “the Queen of Gospel” is a mother of two boys.

She has five albums to her credit namely, Adanfo papa, Edin Jesus, Wobe ye Kese, Prophecy and His Word. 

“I can’t mention everybody’s name but I want to use this opportunity to thank all those who have been instrumental in my life and career. 

My story and life has been victorious and I want to celebrate that in a grand style at the album launch on March 8. Come and praise and worship with great gospel icons like Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Tagoe sisters and Mary Ghansah.

The dress code is strictly white and it is to signify victory” she said.