We are not morally bankrupt’

BY: Vanguard

Contrary to popular belief that movie stars are morally bankrupt following the erotic roles they play in movies, Nollywood star actor, Ramsey Nouh, has frowned at the notion, stressing that as professionals, actors are duty bound to interpret their roles excellently.

Ramsey made this observation while speaking at the maiden edition of ‘Meet the Artiste’ forum organised by the Nollywood Studies Centre of the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos.

He said, it has become imperative for him to use the platform to change erroneous impression that people have about the roles actors interpret in movies. 

The lover boy actor who recently returned to acting, after few years of disappearing from the screen, shared the inspiring story of his two decades sojourn in Nollywood. 

He also seized the opportunity offered by the gathering to mentor the young and aspiring actors and actresses.

“I am happy that things have changed and we are really doing well in Nollywood. We need people who have passion for the job. That’s why I am encouraging young and aspiring actors, script writers and cameramen to disregard the widely held opinion that Nollywood stars are layabouts and join hands with us in moving the industry forward,”he began.

Continuing, he said, “I have discovered that young ones have the passion to make Nollywood enviable. So, I urge you to sustain your passion for the industry and money will come later. My slogan now is “Don’t go for the money…go for the art.”

Also, talking about how morally right it is to play erotic roles, the half-caste actor said, “There is nothing wrong with playing erotic scenes so long as they are done professionally.” 

For him, playing erotic roles does not mean the actor is morally bankrupt.

Source: Vanguard