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Men won’t leave me alone

Men won’t leave me alone

In a bare-it-all interview with the Showbiz, the bubbly presenter confessed that her marital status has not in any way cooled off interest in her by the would-be suitors. Despite being married with two children, she got endless hit-ons from male admirers who were mostly attracted by her voice.

“Marriage hasn’t been the solution to driving away men who think I’m good for them but I have found ways of making them know that I am a no-go-area. I have a lifetime contract with a man who understands my job and I don’t hope to fall for these temptations,” she said.

A co-presenter of AM Morning Show on Joy TV, Mamavi, as she is affectionately called, explained that she found effective and professional ways to handle such men, some of who are unrelenting in their advances and have devised crafty ways to get her attention.

 Such constant lustful overtures could be a bother but she has developed a big heart to accept them as a price to pay for success and does not treat them as a nuisance per se but there is a line her admirers are not permitted to cross.

“You have to be smart to know when to draw the line. You can’t pretend to be nice when that will bring you trouble. I’m in charge of my life and for a woman who adores her family and husband, riches and the flashy things of life are not enough to make me disobey my marital vows.

“I understand these are some of the challenges that come with my work so I use it [my voice] to my advantage by getting resource persons for my shows,” she said.

The road to the spotlight hasn’t come on a silver platter for the mother of two. After completing her secondary school at Zion College in the Volta Region and faced with the reality of life’s challenges, Mamavi had to find hope in the “treasure” of her voice. And that was what set her on the path of broadcasting about 12 years ago at the studios of Uniiq FM where she offered “free” services to get her busy.

She moved to Radio Central in Cape Coast and later found herself at Skyy Power FM in Takoradi where she was interviewed for radio but found herself at the front desk. But that “ misfortune” must have been the key to unlock her fortunes as young and determined Mamavi used the opportunity to sell her voice to  clients.

“When one of the presenters of the station left, I got the chance to host one of the weekend shows called Coast To Coast and that was my training ground,” she stated.

While at it, the young presenter enrolled at the African University College of Communications in 2003 and then  later Central University College to read Management Studies.

“Talent wasn’t enough to take me to my destination. I needed to add value to that and that was my motivation to pursue further education”, she said.

Eventually, Mamavi moved to Citi FM after her National Service and later hosted Today’s Woman on TV3.

Currently, Mamavi is host of Multi TV’s AM Show,  Rhythms A to Z and a stand-in host for Joy FM’s Cosmopolitan Mix. In addition, the multi-talented woman is a copy writer, voice-over artist and MC.

“People are not sure they want to take you on, they have doubts or they want something more. It’s always very tricky. It takes a longer time to reach out to your dreams sometimes but if I look at how far I have come, then it has been worth it,” she added.

An easy going lady, Mamavi says the reason she seem to shun the spotlight that comes with public attention is because she loves to tame her “ego under the lock and key of humility”.

She had these parting words for her fans, “Let your talent speak for you because when you don’t use the right means to get to your goals, your position becomes shaky and unstable. Hardwork and perseverance are the key to success,” she stated.

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