We salute corporate bodies

BY: Daily Graphic

Another Farmers Day has come and gone, but one thing stood out clearly in the run-up to the celebration — the role played by corporate bodies in the successful organisation of the event.

Over the years, corporate bodies have, as part of their social responsibility, contributed significantly to the overall development of the country.

Every year, before the celebration of the National Farmers Day, a number of companies step forward with donations of cash, cheques and some of the items they produce as their contributions towards rewarding farmers. Therefore, every year donations worth thousands of Ghana cedis are presented to the Ministry of Agriculture to help show appreciation to farmers.

Prizes ranging from farming and fishing implements, money, tractors and pick-up vehicles are given to deserving farmers and fishers, while a GH¢600,000 cheque, the ultimate prize, is given to the Overall Best Farmer.

This year, for the first time, the Overall National Best Fisher received a two-bedroom house at a location of his choice.

What is significant is that all these prizes come from the private sector.

Again, every October 5, when teachers are celebrated for their role in making Ghana a literate country on the Ghana Teacher Prize Day, prizes ranging from a two-bedroom house, valued at GH¢250,000, a pick-up, a saloon car, GH¢7,000, to valuable educational items are given to deserving teachers and non-teaching staff, courtesy the GETFund and the private sector.

We cannot leave out the support the National Cathedral project is getting from corporate bodies and individual kind-hearted Ghanaians and other residents.

A number of companies, institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in the private sector have played and continue to play significant roles in addressing infrastructural challenges in our various schools, hospitals, destitute homes, among other state institutions.

Additionally, every now and then, Ghanaians, particularly corporate bodies, rally around to support distressed calls, be they health-related, educational and other human needs.

All the above show the crucial role corporate bodies play in the total development and progress of the country as a whole.

The Daily Graphic joins the nation to thank corporate bodies in the country for paying their dues, not only to national development but also towards the human resource development of the country through their sponsorship and support.

We believe that the partnership between the private sector and the government to address some critical issues is a sign of cordiality that bodes well for the progress of the country and national cohesion.

It is a fact that by collaborating with the government, such companies and institutions are aligning themselves to core national programmes, and by so doing attract publicity and also brand themselves.

In return, the state recognises their contribution and acknowledges them as partners in development. Additionally, by giving back to the communities as part of their social responsibility, such companies enjoy some tax reliefs.

What an opportunity it is for companies to show appreciation to the communities in which they operate and the country in general, and in return benefit from the magnanimity of the government through tax reliefs.

We look forward to more collaborations in the years ahead for the good of Mother Ghana.

We salute all corporate bodies in the country for their continued support for national development.