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Legends and Legacy Ball Blues

BY: Graphic Showbiz

Once again, Imajin Advertising, organisers of the Legends and Legacy Ball, have pushed the date of the event and they insist this time that new date, March 2018, will hold.

For a show which became a highly anticipated one on the entertainment calendar, it is now being noted for postponements and cancellations and it is such a shame.

The ‘Legends and Legacy Ball’ is a wonderful concept; rewarding our musicians who have given off their best over the years is great because there are not many such initiatives. Often, we wait for them to die before we give them honours they will never see.

So far, the event has honoured Daddy Lumba, Amakye Dede, A. B. Crentsil and Kojo Antwi and they did it in great style. The shows were well organised and have even served as a means to reconcile ‘feuding’ factions as happened with former President John Agyekum Kufuor and former President Jerry John Rawlings and his wife, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings.

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It is, therefore disheartening that for three years, such a laudable programme has not been held. Of concern is the inability of Imajin Advertising to say exactly what the challenge is.

There is an Akan saying that translates, ‘if you don’t sell your sickness, you won’t get healing” and that is what Imajin is doing.

They are unwilling to state what their problem is, instead giving responses that give rise to more doubt. Already, there are so many rumours circulating and their lack of effective responses make them seem true.

Being honest could help them find help from one source or another to ensure the event’s sustainability.

The Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry could perhaps also look at some support for events organisers or companies. These are companies that offer employment to many and they must not be allowed to collapse.

Government must not be relied on for everything but there are times when intervening can be beneficial.

Our creative arts scene is dying and needs resuscitation and where better than for government to help.

We hope that in March 2018, the ‘Legends and Legacy Ball’ will take place. It will be a shame to see it go the way other events have done before.

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