Syinix committed to African market — Ghana likely to be manufacturing hub

BY: Emmanuel Bruce
Hao Liu Justin — Managing Director of Syinix West Africa

Syinix Electronics is committed to the African market and open to the possibility of establishing a local manufacturing plant in Ghana in the near future, Managing Director of Syinix West Africa, Hao Liu Justin, has stated.

He said the company was committed to localising its operations and would, therefore, not shy away from setting up a local manufacturing plant, depending on how the market received their products.

Mr Justin said this in an interview with the Graphic Business on the sidelines of the launch of the first ever all-purpose Swallow Food Maker.

He said: “Before we localise our production, we have to make sure we are well established and the market has received our products well. We are committed to be the leading brand for the African market. We are working to make the brand more and more relevant to consumers. We are committed to providing more and more quality products for our local consumers,” he stated.

Swallow maker

The Swallow Maker, which is the first of its kind, is designed to help with the preparation of swallow foods such as fufu, banku and kokonte.

It is designed to replace the old ways of preparing swallow foods, which is usually tedious and time consuming.

Available statistics indicate that about 83 per cent of Africans eat swallow foods; however, the making of these swallow foods is difficult and time consuming.

Mr Justin said the introduction of the Swallow Maker, therefore, marked a new era in the preparation of swallow foods which was fully automated and required minimal human work.

Fully automated

The Training Manager of Syinix, Patricia Mensah, said the team visited different households in different African countries to know more about their staple food, their preparation methods and after more than four years, the all-purpose swallow maker was developed.

“It’s a fully automated machine and all the consumer needs to do is to put the ingredients in the machine, set a time and wait for the food to come out. The typical way to prepare swallow food such as fufu is for one to pound with a pestle which required a high degree of time, energy and attention.

“But today, we can say goodbye to this traditional production method as the all-purpose Swallow Maker is here to save your time and energy. The machine encourages creative cooking and we encourage users to try a combination of ingredients and recipes,” she stated.

Ms Mensah noted that using the swallow maker did not have any health implication to consumers.

Operations in Africa

At the launch of the product, the Marketing Manager of Syinix Ghana, Richard Effah, said since its inception, the brand had operated in more than 20 African countries, making it a brand that enjoyed significant success on the African market.

“Our brand vision is to provide African families with reliable products that seek to improve their quality of life. As always, Syinix is committed to innovation and strives to improve the quality of its products that it localises on the African market.

“Our aim is to become the undisputed home appliance brand in the African market through superior quality products. We are a brand that is customer oriented and as such has an African research and development team whose main focus is to satisfy customer needs and wants through innovation,” he stated.

He said the company currently had over 1000 retail outlets that offered after sales services to customers as well.