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Pan-African Savings and Loans promotes financial literacy
Some hairdressers at the meeting

Pan-African Savings and Loans promotes financial literacy

Pan-African Savings and Loans (Pan-African) has organised an impactful financial literacy training for members of the Ghana Hairdressers and Beauticians Association (GHABA).

The training, which was on the theme “Me ne me bank” (My Bank and I), was designed to empower participants with essential knowledge and skills related to financial management.

The training emphasised the significance of saving and also introduced different investment options available to the participants and provided guidance on evaluating investment opportunities and making prudent financial decisions. 

In a release issued by the company, it said the training further addressed the specific financial considerations related to running a business in the beauty and hairdressing industry where topics such as managing cash flow, bookkeeping and calculating profit margins were covered.  

In addition to the financial literacy training, a wellness session was organised in collaboration with Glico Health for all members of the association. 

The Gender Programme Lead of Pan-African, Sarah Annam, explained that the wellness session, which focused on the management of stress and depression, was aimed at promoting the overall well-being of the members by providing them with access to important health advice and linkages.

“The financial literacy training and wellness session, which was organised for members of the GHABA, played a significant role in enhancing the overall well-being and financial empowerment of the members. 

“By providing them with the necessary knowledge and access to a wellness talk, the programme aimed to support the growth and success of beauticians and hairdressers in Ghana and foster their role as entrepreneurs within the beauty industry,” the release said.

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