GTBank activates its ‘UGPay’ platform

BY: Daily Graphic

Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited has fully activated the UGPay platform, a web acquiring solution deployed to enable the University of Ghana to collect fees and payments for other services it provides.

The platform provides a convenient channel for prospective and existing students, parents, guardians and alumni resident outside the country to pay for services rendered or needed from the University.

A release issued by the bank in Accra said: “Generally, the solution allows ‘online’ payments of tuition, graduation, application forms fees as well as payments for other services rendered by or needed from the University,” adding that: “The platform accepts both Visa card and Mastercard, issued anywhere in the world.”  

It said the payee begins by logging on to the university’s website and clicks on the ‘UGPay’ icon, which takes users to a link to the Academic Affairs page.

“This page can only be accessed with a valid student Identification Number and PIN on the university’s website,” the release said. 

“The payee or person paying on behalf of a student, after selecting the ‘Online Payment’ option on the Academic Affairs page, is thereafter required to follow the instructions and enter the personal details of the payee, type of payment, and other relevant information as may be required and described in the payment page,” it said.  

The release said the platform provided an automatic generation of payment notification to the university and a printable online receipt to the payee.

“Generally speaking, this payment solution offers secure, efficient and cost-effective means of making payments to and collecting payments by all service providers or online shops,” it added. 

The Managing Director of Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited, Mr Lekan Sanusi, was quoted in the release as saying that: “This solution is a masterstroke.” 

“It is a clincher and an oasis of convenience and security. It is highly recommended for all schools that have interest in deploying a convenient and safe collection platform for their overseas prospective and current students,” he added.