Graphic Business upcoming guide to the new dispensation for Marine & Cargo Insurance

Graphic Business upcoming guide to the new dispensation for Marine & Cargo Insurance

On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, Graphic Business, the widest circulating newspaper dedicated to coverage of the economy, business, finance and investment topics, will publish a special supplement on marine and cargo insurance in Ghana. 

The supplement is being done in response to recent regulation of marine and cargo insurance, which will henceforth be compulsorily placed with locally licensed general (non-life) insurance companies. 

Prior to this new directive, more than 90 per cent of this form of insurance cover has been placed with foreign-domiciled insurers, on a CIF basis rather than with locally licensed insurers on Freight on Board (FOB) basis.

Our special supplement will examine the implications of the new directive on Ghana’s economy in general and on various stakeholders in the import business in particular, including primary insurance companies, insurance brokers importers, their financiers and other facilitators and the international trade logistics industry.

It will examine the benefits to be derived from the new directive and will identify the challenges that will need to be overcome and how this can be done.

Importantly, it will also identify and examine the locally licensed insurers - both underwriters and brokers -  best placed to provide marine and cargo insurance cover, due to their technical know-how and financial solidity and will examine issues of premium pricing, claims procedures and other key aspects of insurance cover on imports into Ghana under the new dispensation.

Thus, the supplement will serve as the definitive guide to marine and cargo insurance for importers into Ghana and will, therefore, influence the decisions of importers and other key stakeholders in the importation process.

Our special supplement is being prepared in collaboration with the most accomplished media expert on Ghana’s insurance industry, Elliot Williams. 

There are advertising opportunities for insurers, shipping companies, international trade logistics providers, trade financiers and other companies/institutions engaged in the importation value chain.

To book your advert placement, please call Elliot Williams on 020 4545743 or email him via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reach him.

This is the biggest and most influential focus by any media on Ghana’s marine and cargo insurance industry and it will shape business decisions for years to come. 

For readers and operators in the importation supply/value chain alike, this special supplement is not to be missed.

Be part of this reference guide that is akin to Ghana’s Bible of the new dispensation of marine and cargo insurance.


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