Dow employees provide solutions for challenges in Ghana

BY: Isaac Yeboah

Dow's Technical Application Centre in Dubai works with customers across Africa and the Middle EastThe Dow Chemical Company is providing a unique leadership opportunity for 36 of its employees who are implementing skills-based projects in Accra, in a new twist on talent development.

The employees, who are part of the company’s H.H. Dow Leadership training academy, are currently in Ghana applying their knowledge and expertise to solve some of the challenges facing seven Ghanaian non-profit and non-government organisations (NGOs).

The organisations include the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Accra Metropolitan Assembly, the College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences, the Accra Polytechnic, the Peoples Dialogue of Ghana and Water Health International.

The approach is the first of its kind for the H.H. Dow Academy, a talent development programme aimed at Dow’s future leaders, which is partnering  Dow Sustainability Corps, the company’s skills-based employee engagement programme.

Participants have been working since May 2013 to address various challenges including those related to agriculture, housing, education, and access to clean water.

The two groups are collaborating to enable novel leadership development opportunities for academy participants, who will learn the realities of international business in-country.

Results of their efforts are far reaching, and range from providing strategic plans on how to grow medicinal plants as cash crops to providing ways to improve water and sanitation at slums, to improving access to clean water.

Dow tapped CDC Development Solutions (CDS) for help, connecting the company with the best project opportunities in Ghana. CDS leverages the strengths of businesses, NGOs, and governments to enrich the lives and livelihoods of communities across the world.

“Through this initiative, we are drawing upon our global knowledge, expertise and experience to make a positive impact on the community. Through these efforts, we are working with local partners to find long-term, sustainable solutions to the country’s pressing issues,” The Managing Director of Dow West Africa, Tony Groosman, said.

“Simultaneously, we are investing in the leaders of tomorrow by providing Dow employees with real life experiences that will test their ability to lead and generate value. Collaboration is the key and we are optimistic that this approach will be beneficial on many levels – for the local community, for our future leaders, and for all the Ghanaians directly impacted by the recommended solutions,” he added.

The projects coincide with the government of Ghana’s economic emphasis to tackle challenges in these sectors and complement the country’s positive national efforts.

For example, the government’s economic outlook in agriculture involves plans to increase agricultural mechanisation services to cover at least 170 districts in the country.

There are also plans to construct housing for low income earners in selected districts across the country.

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