CIR Summit to be held in Accra
CIR Summit to be held in Accra

CIR Summit to be held in Accra

The Chartered Institute of Realtors (CIR) is set to host a groundbreaking summit designed to bring together high-profile individuals and professionals to address critical issues and drive positive change in Ghana. The event will take place at the Accra International Conference Center (AICC) on September 27, 2024.


The summit, themed “Partnering to Resolve Flooding and Reducing the Housing Deficit,” aims to unite leaders, stakeholders, and government agencies from across the country to tackle two of Ghana's most pressing challenges: flooding and the lack of affordable housing. These interconnected issues have significant impacts on national development, and the summit seeks to create comprehensive and strategic plans to address them.

Collaborative Effort

The CIR Summit will feature a series of panel discussions and keynote speeches from prominent figures, including the Minister for Works and Housing, the Minister for Local Government, Decentralization and Rural Development, the Minister for Roads and Highways, the CEO of State Housing Company, and the Mayor of Accra. The event aims to foster a collaborative environment where innovative solutions can be developed.

Key sessions will include:

- Flood Mitigation Strategies: Experts will share best practices for flood prevention, including infrastructure solutions, improved drainage systems, and resilient building designs.
- Sustainable Housing Development: Discussions will explore ways to increase the supply of affordable, flood-resistant housing while promoting sustainable practices.
- Public-Private Partnerships: This session will explore opportunities for government and private institutions to finance and implement effective solutions.

Exhibition of Innovative Solutions

In addition to the summit sessions, there will be an exhibition showcasing innovative solutions from leading companies and organizations. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore flood mitigation technologies, sustainable building materials, prefabricated housing models, and other cutting-edge advancements.

The CIR Summit promises to be a pivotal event in the quest to build a resilient future for Ghana, breaking down silos and fostering collaboration to tackle the nation's housing and flooding challenges.

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