Isaac Dogboe

Joshua Clottey blames Isaac Dogboe’s struggle on height

Joshua “The Hitter” Clottey, a former International Boxing Federation (IBF) welterweight champion, has blamed Isaac Dogboe’s recent struggles in the featherweight division on his height.


Clottey’s stance therefore suggests that Dogboe’s handicap will continue to haunt him in his new weight class.

The boxing legend explained to Graphic Sports that height was a very essential factor in boxing as it could impact a fighter's reach, defensive capabilities, and ability to land effective punches.

“Dogboe is a very good boxer, and no one doubts that. His only problem is the height disadvantage, which I believe, would continue to worry him, especially in a division such as featherweight.

“Height is very important in boxing because it can have an impact on a boxer’s reach, defensive capabilities and the ability to land effective punches,” Clottey stressed.

Dogboe, who previously held the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) super bantamweight title, made the decision to move up to the featherweight division to enhance his world title chances.

While Clottey believes that Dogboe's height might pose a challenge for him in the featherweight division, it is essential to recognise that fighters have different styles, strengths, and strategies that they utilise to overcome their disadvantages.

Dogboe and his team are likely to be aware of the considerations associated with his height and are working on strategies to maximise his strengths and minimise any potential limitations.

Ultimately, the outcome of Dogboe's performances in the featherweight division will be determined by a combination of factors, including his skills, training, mindset and quality of his opponents.

Height can be a factor in boxing, but it does not solely define a fighter's success or failure.

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