I am a Nigerian man and I enjoy eating eba and pounded yam - Anthony Joshua

BY: Kweku Zurek
A bruised Anthony Joshua shows off his world heavyweight belts.
A bruised Anthony Joshua shows off his world heavyweight belts.

Newly crowned Nigerian-born British world heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua has set the records straight regarding his nationality saying he is a "Nigerian man by blood".

Joshua, 27, added the WBA and IBO heavyweight straps to the IBF heavyweight title on Saturday after an 11th round stoppage of Wladimir Klitschko.

His success in the ring generated debate with Nigerians claiming him as one of their own although he fought under the British Union Jack in Saturday's bout at Wembley.

Interestingly, a young Joshua was rejected by Nigerian boxing officials in 2008, when he wanted to represent the country of his parents at the Olympic Games.  

However, the boxer who has Oluwafemi Olaseni as his middle names has come out to set the records straight and pay tribute to his Nigerian heritage.


He said: "We are citizens of the world, all this political stuff where this is British, this Nigerian. We are citizens of the world, my heart is with Nigeria, my heart is with Britain and I am a Nigerian man by blood".

Joshua also addressed a thorny topic about how the media often describes British-born Nigerians as Nigerians whenever they fall foul of the law but are quick to describe them as British when they achieve success.

Joshua stressed: "Let's focus on the success and stop committing the crime. I'm even trying to get back out there to meet the Governor and go and give something back to Nigeria... I can't' give away my secrets but that's the pounded yam, "eba" and "egushi".

Joshua also displayed a proficiency in speaking Yoruba during the interview.