China wins maiden Asia Cup Golf tournament

BY: Kweku Zurek
China wins maiden Asia Cup Golf tournament
China wins maiden Asia Cup Golf tournament

Chinese golfers based in Ghana have won the first edition of the Asia Cup Golf tournament held in Accra.

The tournament was contested by the finest Asian golfers in Ghana from China, Japan and Korea.

The golfers represented the three countries in the contest with the scores of the best eight golfers from each country being used to decide the winner.

China was fired to victory with a score of 672 by golfers including Peng Chao, Tang Bin, Li Dexiang, Zhang Gongjun, Yang Lin, Wang Shu, Jiang Yang and Wang Liping.

The Chinese were trailed in second place by golfers from Korea who were represented by GIhoe Han, Kojo Choi, Kyungtaek Hong, Kyunghwa Kim , Hyeopseung Jeon, Taeyoul Lee, Misuk Seo and Seokrae Kim came third with 698 points.

Japan including the likes of Mochizuki Hisanobu, Seko Futoshi, Yamada Akira, Kozue Shinichi, Seko Hiroshi, Makita Yuichi, Taniguchi Mizuho, Akiyama Junya and Amemiya Kozue finished third with 770 points.

Organisers of the competition expressed gratitude to the Japanese Ambassador to Ghana, Mochizuki Hisanobu, the Korean Ambassador to Ghana, Jung-taek Lim for their support of the contest.

They also singled out members of the organisation team, Peng Chao, John Chin, Mizuho and Kojo Choi for the roles they played in making the event a success.