Kamal to secure sponsorship for national federations if elected

BY: Kwame Larweh
Mr Kamal Sulley

The Vice-president of the Ghana Rowing and Canoeing Association (GRCA), Mr Kamal Sulley, has appealed to delegates who are to vote in the upcoming GOC elections scheduled for March 15 to make a good choice that will promote and develop Ghana sports.

He stressed that such a choice should be premised on those who had the job at heart and were interested in developing sports in Ghana and seeking funding for the growth and development of sports in the country.

 “I am a true and true sports person. I have been involved in many sporting disciplines, including swimming and disabled sports, and I can tell you I am very much committed to developing sports in the country,” he told the GraphicSportsOnline in an interview yesterday.

Mr Sulley, one of the pioneers of rowing and canoeing in the country, is competing against nine others for the position of an executive representative on the GOC board in the upcoming elections.

Sulley is fourth on the ballot and has charged the delegates to choose him to enable him to serve with the dignity of purpose and seek sponsorship for the least financed sporting disciplines, including rowing and canoeing.

He called on the delegates to remember the fourth position when they go and cast their ballots and also be reminded that when they choose fourth on the ballot, they are choosing growth and development of Ghana sports and the Olympic interest.

He vowed to serve all and sundry if elected and pledged to donate his allowances and other bonuses to the least financed sporting disciplines.