German-born swimmer upbeat despite COVID-19 scare

BY: Kwame Larweh
Niklas Yeboah

Swimmer Niklas Yeboah is upbeat about training regularly in his base in Switzerland under strict regulations with his younger brother despite the fear of another lockdown in the country.

The Germany-born Ghanaian Olympic has pitched camp at the Schwimmverein Beider Basel Swimming Club under the tutelage of Swiss-French coach Xavier Fleury.

In an exclusive interview with the Graphic Sports from his Switzerland base, he disclosed that training with his coach has been difficult and challenging.

“Due to the pandemic, unfortunately we had to stop training for a few months. Now we have begun training again but we are worried about another lockdown," he said.

"These are uncertain times but I believe God will lead us through,” he stated.

He noted that since his new coach wore a mask when coaching, his facial expression could not be seen clearly, making it difficult to interpret his gestures as he learnt new techniques under water and different philosophies in swimming.

Yeboah, 21, who donned the national jersey at the 7th African Zone 2 Swimming Championships staged at the Bukom International Pool at the Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra last March, explained the difficulty in training for competitions and schooling at the same time.

“Where I am based has made things more complex due to the pandemic. I have to complete my education in the Netherlands and train for competitions in Ghana,” he said.

In spite of that, the blonde-haired swimmer stated that he was staying close to family and friends and his strong bond with Jesus Christ to help him focus and go through the challenges.

He expressed gratitude to the Ghana Swimming Association (GSA) for giving him the opportunity to compete for Ghana.