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Tue, Aug

Your efforts shall fall flat – Lordina tells Mahama’s critics

Former First Lady, Lordina Mahama, has hit back at critics of former President John Dramani Mahama on the request to keep a state bungalow as part of his retirement package.

Describing her husband as “a man of integrity and principle”, Mrs Mahama in a tweet on Wednesday said attempts by critics to portray him negative would not succeed.

“This too shall pass.Their efforts shall fall flat because you are a man of integrity & principle.They shall be put to shame by #MahamaLegacy,” she tweeted.

President Mahama on Wednesday withdrew a request to keep the bungalow at No.3 Prestige Link, Cantoments in Accra as part of his retirement package.

This was after a public debate on whether or not the Akufo-Addo government should go ahead and grant the request.


In a one page letter signed by himself to President Akufo-Addo, the former president indicated he was also no longer interested in Bungalow No.6, 3rd Avenue at Ridge which he intended to use as his office.

Mr Mahama’s request to keep the bungalows contravened approved recommendations set by the Professor Dora Francisca Edu-Buandoh Committee on Emoluments and Conditions of Service for Article 71 office holders.

The committee which was set up by the former president recommended that the former president be paid 40 per cent of his monthly salary as rent allowance.