Why should flagbearers contest more than 3 times - Horace Ankrah

BY: Graphic.com.gh

A former deputy Ambassador from Ghana to China, Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah is proposing that flagbearers of political parties should be limited on the number of times they can contest presidential elections on the ticket of a political party.

To him, since the 1992 constitution limits presidents from running for more than two terms, presidential aspirants should also be limited to not contesting the elections for more than three times on the ticket of a political party.

"You know with the 1992 constitution, it is difficult for a president to be able to serve more than two terms. You can even serve a term and when you are voted out, you can contest and come back."

"If the 1992 constitution is giving you two terms, you can only be president if you became the flagbearer of a political party and then win the national elections. So why would you contest more than three times as flagbearer of a party."

"I believe that if every single party, the NDC, the NPP, the CPP, the PPP can actually make sure that once a flagbearer, you can only be that on three occasions and then the constitution disqualifies you to contest again, it will be a very good thing to promoting democracy."

In a radio interview with Accra based Class FM, Mr Ankrah, a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) advocated the need for all political parties to consider that as a way of promoting democracy.

"For democracy to grow, these are some of the things that should be placed on the table," Mr Ankrah advocated.

Anybody who has been flagbearer, one, two, three times, should be disqualified from continuing to contest in the primary, he said.

He insisted freshness, new ideas should be allowed to take over and desist from parading the same old faces and names.

Below is a video of Horace Ankrah in November 2020 advocating why President Akufo-Addo did not deserve a second term.

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