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Okudjeto slams Justice Kpegah over Nana Addo

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

According to Mr Okudjeto under who Nana Akufo Addo served as Vice President to the Greater Accra Bar Association, Nana Addo’s legal credentials both locally and internationally, could not be underestimated.

“I have known Nana Addo since he was a student at Legon when I was practising law. He went to France and practised in one of the best law firms in France before returning to Ghana and I knew that he was registered at the Bar and has been practising at the Bar,” he told Citifm.

“He distinguished himself and I will just like every Ghanaian to know that if we are talking about brilliant, outstanding and astute lawyers in this country, Nana Addo’s name stands supreme and we must all accept that.

“The law books are there, the court records are there to show that in many of the most important matters in the Supreme Court, he was there as a lawyer, some of them were there as constitutional matters and I appeared in court with him,” he further said.

Mr Okudzeto challenged Justice Kpegah to explain why he presided over cases brought before him when Nana Addo acted as lead counsel for his numerous clients.

“If you are a judge and the person has appeared before you several times for so many years why didn’t you challenge him when he was appearing before you? That will be the issue! I think there is too much politics in this country whereby everything has become political, which worries me,” he pointed out.

“It is complete nonsense! If you go to the records now, the name I have there is called Samuel Okudjeto but I shortened it to Sam Okudjeto so that argument is bogus,” he stressed.

Mr Okudjeto advised upcoming lawyers to respect the ethics of the profession by not towing political lines.

“People have their own political agenda but I have always cautioned that we should not bring politics into legal matters because they are separate issues all together. In reality, we will bring the profession into disrepute if we begin to do something of that nature,” he opined.

“I teach at the Law School and I tell my students when you get out of here, don’t get in this political drama whereby everything becomes political. You are lawyers who are taught how to think logically and how to analyse issues, so don’t jump into that fray.”

Justice Kpegah has challenged the 2012 NPP presidential candidate’s legal credentials at the High Court, describing Nana Akufo Addo as an impersonator.