Political dispensation requires vibrant third force — CPP

BY: Emmanuel Modey
Prof. Edmund Delle — CPP Chairman
Prof. Edmund Delle — CPP Chairman

The Upper West Regional Secretary of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mr Sule Issahaque, has  said the political dispensation in the country required a vibrant third force.

After observing the country’s political system since 1993, the two dominant parties — the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have not met the hopes and aspirations of the broad masses of Ghanaians.

 Speaking in an interview, the regional secretary therefore called on Nkrumaists to come together in an effort to break the NDC and NPP duopoly in the country.

“The CPP can only hope to win power if it identifies itself with the aspiration of the masses. We must go to the street and fight for the rights of the people and be in the forefront of seeking the welfare of the people”, Mr Issahaque said.

Alternative government now

He said with their slogan “alternative government now”, it was the CPP, with the policies of its founder, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, which could assure the people of better living conditions.

“This is why all Nkrumaists must abandon their differences and come together to unseat the two political parties,” he stated.

The CPP, he said, had done it before and could do it again if all Nkrumaists came together and worked in the interest of the party and the nation.  

“We cannot develop by following the footsteps of the white man, we must be self-reliant,” he stated, adding that, “after all, if we were doing it in  Nkrumah’s regime, we can still do it now”.

Divisionist drive

Mr Issahaque observed that the NPP and NDC parties were leading the country on a divisionist drive and that it was only the CPP which could unite the country and accelerate the pace of development.

He disclosed that the party had embarked on a massive membership drive in the region and issued them with identity cards to ensure that the card-bearing members paid their dues to show their commitment to the party. We must build a party by contributing to it and aim to build it to be better than Nkrumah’s CPP, he exhorted.

This, he said was to break away from the past when party executives in the constituencies sometimes only recorded zero votes during elections.

He said, with the assistance of the tertiary institutions members, they had so far registered some new members and issued identity cards to them, adding that if we could get 10 committed members in each of the 132 polling stations in the Wa Constituency that would go a long way to make the CPP visible in the region.

He said that the CPP in the region had started from the grass- root to grow the party for the 2020 Election.