General Secretary of NDC, Fifi Kwetey
General Secretary of NDC, Fifi Kwetey

Full Text: General Secretary of NDC, Fifi Kwetey's speech on limited voter registration

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, Our dearly beloved Ghanaians, Welcome to this all-important press conference.
It is profoundly worrying and distressing to witness the rapid decline of our country Ghana and her democratic institutions under the current NPP administration. We are forced to watch as our cherished nation regresses in areas where we once stood as a paragon of virtue.


Globally, Ghana has been revered as a model of good governance, a staunch defender of democratic processes, and a beacon of rule of law, with an Electoral Commission renowned for conducting free and fair elections.
Tragically, it seems those days are behind us. We are systematically dismantling those achievements. Ghana finds herself at an unprecedented low—how disheartening! The individuals entrusted with the sacred duty to uphold our values are the ones eroding them, abusing their power, and perpetuating injustices. This is a grave betrayal of the Ghanaian spirit and our democratic legacy.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As the December 07, 2024, presidential and parliamentary elections rapidly approach, we are faced with escalating concerns that strike at the very heart of our democratic and electoral integrity. The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana, which should embody impartiality and integrity, is faltering grievously in its essential duties. The actions—and equally alarming, the inactions—of the EC, marked by overt lawlessness and incompetence, mirror the troubling
patterns of the current Akufo-Addo Bawumia government. This administration, deeply entrenched in corruption, cronyism, and ineptitude, now audaciously suggests it will cling to
power against the will of the people, threatening a peaceful transfer of power—a stark betrayal of our democratic principles.
In an unprecedented declaration, we have a sitting President who should champion our democratic ethos, yet he proclaims that he will not relinquish power to someone he once defeated. Indeed, power does corrupt. President Akufo-Addo, basking in the fleeting glory of the power he literally begged Ghanaians for, seems to have forgotten that he, too, was defeated in the 2008 and 2012 elections, yet power was graciously transferred to him in 2017. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh." This revelation speaks volumes about his intentions and the potential peril to our
nation’s stability. What the NPP, unfortunately fails to understand is that the NDC stands prepared and vigilant, ready to ensure free and transparent elections, even at the risk of our own lives. We challenge President Akufo-Addo and the NPP to consider any underhanded maneuvers. Let this serve as an unequivocal warning: we are fully equipped and resolute, prepared to respond with unwavering determination to defend the sanctity of our votes and the democratic future of Ghana.
We in the NDC are not taking President Akufo-Addo's unguarded remarks lightly and would like to caution that President Akufo-Addo is treading on treacherous ground, possibly encouraged by assurances that the Electoral Commission (EC) will rig the 2024 elections in favor of the NPP. If the EC by any chance harbours such plans, then they better revise their notes. They better heed the words of Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, spoken during her unveiling at the University of Professional Studies: “A word to the wise is in Assin North!”
As the General Secretary of the NDC, I assure all Ghanaians that NPP's machinations will not prevail. They will have no choice but to vacate the Flagstaff House and hand over power smoothly to President John Mahama and Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyeman in January 2025.
The choice is theirs to ensure a peaceful transfer of power from the NPP to the NDC or face the grave consequences of their actions. The 2024 elections represent a patriotic call to duty for
every conscientious Ghanaian. Together, we must strive to uproot and dismantle the most inept, corrupt, and ethnocentric government ever in Ghana's history—the Akufo-Addo Bawumia administration.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today, we stand before you to demand decisive action and accountability from the Electoral Commission of Ghana. Our press conference is compelled by serious concerns that have tarnished the ongoing Limited Voter Registration Exercise, which commenced on May 7, 2024. These issues, all avoidable and primarily stemming from the EC’s blatant incompetence and disregard for due process, include:
* The opaque and questionable recruitment of Returning Officers, Deputy Returning Officers, and Registration Supervisors, which starkly lacks transparency and legal adherence.
* Faulty machines and poor network connectivity, causing undue delays and widespread frustration among voters.
* Inaccurate registration figures released by the EC, casting serious doubts on the integrity of data handling.
* The busing of minors to registration centers and the misuse of the Ghana Card to improperly register voters, tactics that severely undermine the credibility of our electoral process.
* Egregious security breaches that threaten not only the sanctity of the registration process but also the safety of our citizens.
These issues, if not addressed and rectified promptly, could severely compromise the authenticity of the electoral outcome in December, when the people of Ghana vote to choose
their leader. Such flaws are not only unacceptable but also pose a significant threat to the sanctity and credibility of our electoral processes.
Through this press conference, we remind the Electoral Commission and all relevant stakeholders that the eyes of Ghana, and indeed the world, are upon us. We must adhere to the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and justice to ensure that the forthcoming elections accurately reflect the true will of the Ghanaian people. Failure to address these issues is not an option; the EC must act swiftly to rectify these failings or face the unified resolve of a nation that demands and deserves better.
Ladies and gentlemen, as we continue today's proceedings, we do so not only as members of the National Democratic Congress, but as dedicated patriots committed to safeguarding our democracy. It is time for the Electoral Commission to reaffirm its commitment to the Ghanaian people, to adhere to due process, and to perform its duties without bias or favor, thereby restoring efficiency and integrity to our electoral processes.
The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana must urgently adopt a new approach and fulfill its role as an impartial arbiter. It is imperative that the EC recognizes the critical nature of its mandate and the profound risk our country faces if it fails to perform its duties responsibly.
We remain vigilant and are fully prepared to ensure that come January 2025, power will be peacefully transferred to a government elected by the people, for the people, under the leadership of our visionary, John Dramani Mahama, and Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyeman.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The EC initiated this year's Limited Voter Registration Exercise on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, across all district offices and selected remote electoral areas. From the outset, the process has been marred by chaos: rampant lawlessness, delays, postponements, network failures, and power outages have been the order of the day.
Recall that just a day before the exercise commenced, on May 6, 2024, Mrs. Jean Mensa, Chairperson of the EC, held a press conference where she made several alarming statements. These remarks concerned the recruitment of Returning Officers, Deputy Returning Officers, and Registration Supervisors, alongside assurances of the EC's preparedness for the registration exercise.
However, as you have all witnessed, it has become clear that the Electoral Commission has not learned from past mistakes. The evidence shows a disturbing pattern of unpreparedness and a disregard for the necessary reforms to prevent these recurring issues. This lack of foresight and preparation undermines the trust and integrity required to conduct fair elections and puts the democratic future of Ghana at grave risk.
Now on to our first issue:
Recruitment of Returning Officers, Deputy Returning Officers, and Registration Supervisors.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Jean Mensa announced in her press conference on May 6, 2024, that the Commission has appointed Returning Officers and Deputy Returning Officers for the 2024 general elections and will use them as Registration and Deputy Registration Supervisors for the Limited Voter Registration exercise.
We submit that the EC has acted unlawfully by violating Regulation 8 (1) and (2) of CI 91, as amended by CI 126. The law states:
1. The Commission shall make available to the interested persons or parties at the district office the names and pictures of persons it proposes to appoint as registration supervisors, registration officers, registration assistants, and any other officials for the centers, not later than fourteen days before they are appointed.
2.​A registered political party or an interested person may, in writing, object to any person proposed for appointment as a registration supervisor, a registration officer, a registration
assistant, or any other official within seven days after the names of the proposed officers have been made available.
Did the Electoral Commission comply with the mandated requirements for the transparent recruitment of Returning Officers, Deputy Returning Officers, and Registration Supervisors before their disingenuous press conference? Clearly, the answer is no. Why would the EC blatantly disregard crucial regulations outlined in CI 91, a document constitutionally mandated for the registration exercise? The law explicitly states that proposed names for
appointments should be made available to interested parties 14 days before registration begins, allowing for objections within 7 days. Yet, the EC ignored this stipulation.
Is this omission not a deliberate attempt to obscure transparency in the recruitment process, potentially allowing politically tainted party activists to serve as registration officials? Such clandestine actions by the EC must be universally condemned by all who cherish our democracy.
The EC has developed a troubling pattern of disregarding the very CIs designed to regulate their activities. For example, they breached CI 127 in 2020 by issuing incorrect Statement of Polls for the general elections, and the Supreme Court's dismissal of these violations has only emboldened them to further infringe upon CI 91 with these opaque appointments that flout due process. These acts not only breach trust but also signal sinister intentions from an electoral body supposed to be impartial.
Why does the EC continue to act with impunity? In 2020, for the first time in history, they deliberately disenfranchised the people of Santrokofi, Akpafu, Likpe, and Lolobi (SALL) Traditional Areas and persistently misled the public about the reasons. Did they not realize that their draft Constitutional Instrument, submitted to the Attorney-General’s Department on November 13, 2020, would not satisfy the twenty-one parliamentary days required for C.I.s to mature before the December 07, 2020, elections? The pattern of these actions reveals a disconcerting truth: the EC is emboldened because their past infractions went unaccounted
for. This continual disregard for the law must not be overlooked or tolerated as we approach another critical election on December 7th.
Ladies and gentlemen, with this press conference, we are issuing a firm notice to the Jean Mensa-led Electoral Commission: the 2024 elections will not be business as usual! We are also here to declare unequivocally that any attempt by the EC to violate CI 127, which governs the conduct of the general elections, will be met with resolute resistance from us. We will not stand idly by while the EC undermines the time-tested electoral processes that are well recognized and respected by all stakeholders.
Why should we, as a nation, accept anything less than adherence to the regulations that safeguard the integrity of our elections? We must all commit to upholding the various Constitutional Instruments that regulate our registration exercises and elections. This commitment is essential to ensuring peace, stability, and the conduct of free, fair, and transparent elections on December 7, 2024.
Therefore, we call upon the National Peace Council, Civil Society Organizations, religious bodies, and indeed all Ghanaians to take an active interest in the processes leading up to the 2024 elections. It is only through collective vigilance and active participation that we can safeguard our democratic processes.
ISSUE TWO: Faulty Machines and Unavoidable Network Failures
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We had hoped that the Electoral Commission (EC) had learned its lessons from the chaotic and disorganized 2023 limited voter registration exercise and district level elections. Unfortunately, it appears they continue to demonstrate a profound level of incompetence across all areas of operation. One must ask: Is the EC failing to assimilate critical lessons and make necessary improvements? Is this a matter of insufficient capacity or resources, or is it a deeper issue of neglect? The EC had ample time to prepare for this year’s registration exercise following last year's District Assembly Elections, yet they failed. A fundamental aspect of their
preparations should have involved a thorough assessment of the BVR kits to be used. If such an assessment had been conducted comprehensively and thoroughly, why are we now facing the deployment of faulty or non-functioning BVR kits?
These malfunctioning BVRs have significantly delayed the registration process in many districts. Moreover, the exercise has been plagued by widespread network challenges, bringing registration to a complete standstill in numerous areas across the country. This dire situation forced the EC to direct their officials to switch to offline registration.
The NDC unequivocally rejects the Electoral Commission's (EC) use of offline registrations, which could potentially cloak their inefficiencies under the guise of technical challenges. Such practices not only undermine the integrity of the electoral process but are also ripe for exploitation, including data manipulation and the introduction of errors that could skew the process outcome. While recognizing that technical challenges are an unavoidable aspect of any large-scale logistical operation, we demand that the EC be proactive in implementing robust preventive measures rather than resorting to offline registration. This approach lacks real-time oversight, making it difficult to verify data promptly and transparently, thereby opening the door to potential prejudices and manipulations—particularly in targeted districts and regions to the disadvantage of the NDC. These actions compromise transparency and trust. Thus, the NDC insists on a registration process that maintains continuous and immediate data connectivity to safeguard the democratic rights of all Ghanaians and to ensure that our electoral outcomes reflect the true will of the people.
Why, then, did the EC not preempt these predictable issues of malfunctioning equipment and put in place adequate contingency planning? Their failure to do so has not only stalled the registration process but also compromised the integrity of the entire exercise. We demand that the EC rectifies these systemic flaws to ensure that our electoral processes are not only efficient but also trustworthy. Again, why has the Electoral Commission failed to establish network connectivity redundancy? Why were there no fallback plan involving other telecommunications companies? This oversight has inflicted severe hardships on registrants,
many of whom are unemployed youth and students with no income. These individuals have traveled great distances to registration centers, only to be met with disappointment and an inability to register.
Ladies and gentlemen, consider the plight of these unemployed youth who expend their
limited resources to get registered, only to be turned away due to the malfunctioning systems of the EC. Does the EC not feel any obligation toward these young citizens? We, the NDC, certainly do!
Furthermore, how can the EC justify the misallocation of BVRs intended for the Eastern region to Akontombra in the Western-North region and Awutu-Senya-East in the Central region? How can such fundamental errors be tolerated? Can we afford to let the EC's work be riddled with such basic mistakes? Imagine the potential ramifications of similar errors on election day.
These glaring failures have only reinforced our determination to demand a comprehensive audit of the Commission’s equipment and ICT infrastructure before the polls on December 7, 2024. It has become clear that the EC cannot be trusted without stringent verification. This audit must encompass both hardware issues, such as outdated or incompatible equipment, and software vulnerabilities, including potential cyber threats to our electoral system. We are committed to ensuring the integrity of the biometric data previously captured and will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of electoral transparency and accuracy.
ISSUE THREE: Incorrect Registration Figures Released by the EC
Since the current EC commissioners led by Jean Mensah took over, the Electoral Commission has alarmingly perfected the malpractice of consistently churning out incorrect figures in critical electoral activities. We all vividly recall the debacle of the 2020 Presidential election results, which were marred by multiple corrections post-declaration. One would expect such a glaring blunder to serve as a lesson, yet it appears the EC remains resistant to change. How can a once esteemed commission falter so badly under the watch of commissioner who fails to grasp basic arithmetic? This raises serious concerns about the EC's capability to conduct a
credible election, and the NDC is profoundly disturbed, urging the EC to rectify these issues if they are indeed deliberate.
For instance, the EC published the registration figures for Days 1 to 4 of the limited registration exercise on their website and social media on May 11, 2024. Our National Directorate for Elections and IT, tasked with independently verifying these figures for the NDC,
immediately identified significant discrepancies between our calculations and those of the EC. Simple arithmetic, accurately summing the regional figures from the 16 regions, would have clearly demonstrated to the EC that their numbers were erroneous. Such mistakes are utterly avoidable. Why must Ghana's Electoral Commission be reduced to an 'Error Commission'?
It is imperative that the EC approaches the handling of electoral figures with the utmost seriousness, as these numbers are fundamental to the integrity of the elections. No voter should be disenfranchised due to careless errors. The EC must distance itself from any intentions of rigging and be warned: any attempt to undermine the electoral process will be rigorously challenged and exposed.
On May 12, 2024, the Electoral Commission issued a press statement acknowledging erroneous figures previously released, and attempted corrections. However, they claimed the total number of registered voters over the four days remained unchanged. This situation exemplifies what we term "transpositional rigging," where figures are shuffled between categories without affecting the overall total. The assertion by the EC that these errors in regional figures did not impact the total count is patently misleading.
Upon scrutinizing their so-called corrected figures, posted on May 12, 2024, another layer of startling errors was uncovered. Initially, we pointed out only a fraction of the errors for the EC to reassess their data. Intriguingly, they corrected only those specific discrepancies we highlighted, without conducting a thorough review of all figures. It will astonish you to learn that even their revised figures is still riddled with errors and needs further corrections.
For instance, in the Oti Region, the Day 2 figure of 578 was erroneously swapped with Day 3's figure of 1,515. If these figures are realigned correctly, Day 2’s national total should be 18,330, not 19,267; Day 3’s total should be 49,553, not 48,616. Similarly, Day 3 figure for Bono East as stated in their corrected data is 771. But this is totally wrong. Bono East recorded 2,252 per our provisional data. This figure will affect the total registered voters of 5,118 for Bono East for the four days as stated by the EC.
Indeed, the total should rather be 6,599 thereby leading to a grand total of 144,495 and not 143,014 as put out by Dr. Bossman Asare at his press conference on the 12th of May 2024
Members of the Press, if EC officers comfortably seated in air-conditioned offices in Accra can commit such elementary errors, what can we then expect at the polling stations on December 7th? Such dubious behavior from the EC could destabilize our democracy if left unchecked. Imagine the potential chaos on December 7th, 2024, if the EC continues to release incorrect figures. What will be the security implications of their actions? If this is their dress rehearsal for the upcoming elections, then they truly need to reconsider their approach, as this time it will not be business as usual.
The EC might be testing the waters with their rigging strategy by deliberately misrepresenting and miscalculating registration figures. Our prompt detection and exposure of these egregious errors should serve as a clear warning to the EC about the vigilance of the NDC. We are fully prepared to safeguard the sanctity of the upcoming elections.
We expect the EC to now firmly renounce any intention, if it exists, to collude with the failed NPP government to rig the election. Any such attempts will be decisively thwarted. The EC must commit to conducting free, transparent, unbiased, and credible elections.
Despite the Electoral Commission's apparent display of incompetence before the Ghanaian public, we have no doubts about their basic capability to perform arithmetic. However, the persistent occurrence of calculation errors suggests a pattern that cannot possibly be dismissed as mere oversight. Should it emerge that these miscalculations are indeed deliberate, let it be clearly understood: any stratagem intended to manipulate the electoral
outcome through dubious recalibrations and misrepresentations is destined for failure. Attempts to deceive or outmaneuver the NDC through such tactics will be met with uncompromising scrutiny and decisive exposure. Ultimately, these actions will only serve to unveil the deceit of those behind them to the entire world.
To the people of Ghana, rest assured: the NDC remains vigilant and unyieldingly committed to safeguarding your votes. We pledge to ensure that every vote is cast, every vote is counted, and every vote is acknowledged in its rightful value.
We urge the EC to promptly rectify the inaccuracies in the data released on May 12, 2024. We expect a thorough review and correction of all figures to forestall further errors, upholding the integrity of our electoral process.
ISSUE FOUR: Busing of Minors to Registration Centers and the Abuse of the Ghana Card
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, we are compelled to address another grave concern: the flagrant abuse of the Ghana Card. It has come to our attention that EC registration officials, in collusion with elements from our opponents, the NPP, are misusing the Ghana Card extensively. A particularly alarming instance was uncovered at the Pusiga registration center, where EC registration officer, Muhazu Alhassan, used a single Ghana Card to register over 20 applicants.
Upon discovery, the police were promptly notified, leading to Muhazu Alhassan's arrest. Although he has since been granted bail pending further investigation, this incident raises significant concerns. The NPP's distribution of Ghana Cards to minors to facilitate their registration underscores a systemic manipulation of our electoral process. The EC has lamented the registration of minors yet conspicuously fails to challenge the National Identification Authority (NIA) for issuing cards to these minors and misrepresenting their ages.
Why is the EC's database not integrated with the NIA's to instantly verify the ages of new voters, especially when $54 million of taxpayer money was invested in 2020 to secure biometric registration capabilities? What purpose does the NIA serve, as envisioned by
President John Dramani Mahama, if critical state institutions like the EC cannot rely on it for essential verification and authentication during crucial national activities?
The NDC is taking decisive action. We have directed our vigilant agents across the country to use the Party’s sophisticated Age Detection mechanism to identify and challenge any suspicious under-age registrants. This proactive measure is crucial to preserving the integrity of our electoral system, ensuring that every vote cast is legitimate and reflective of the genuine will of the Ghanaian people. We remain committed to safeguarding our democracy against any and all forms of electoral malpractice.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The final issue we must urgently address today pertains to a disturbing series of security breaches that have compromised the integrity of this registration exercise:
1. In Berekum West, hoodlums deployed by the MP have terrorized registrants and NDC agents at the Benkasa registration center, physically assaulting everyone in queue and specifically targeting our team with torture.
2.​Similarly, in Effutu, NPP thugs violently disrupted the registration process, attacking
our registrants who were queued to register. Shockingly, Hon. Afenyo-Markin threatened the Regional Police Commander not to take any action over these incidents.
3. In Asunafo South, notably in Kukuom, a group led by one individual known as Anointing, have vandalized a registration center, and assaulted both our party agents and the registration officials, all under the watchful eyes of security agents.
4. Additionally, we have observed immigration officers and some overzealous police officers overstepping their roles by deciding who is eligible to register at various centers in the Volta, Oti, Western-North, Northern, Upper East, and Upper West regions, escalating tensions significantly. These officers must be reminded that their role is not to interpret the law, as the process for challenging potential registrants is explicitly outlined in Regulation 18 (1) and (2) of CI 91.
5. The directive to search vehicles moving to and from the Volta and Oti regions has taken on a tone of selective intimidation, targeting citizens from these regions in a discriminatory manner. This intimidation must cease immediately.
6. Furthermore, we have noted some security personnel at registration centers who are operating without displaying their name tags, effectively anonymizing themselves while on duty. We are issuing a stern warning to the EC and the heads of security agencies: such individuals will be treated as impersonators and potential threats within these spaces.
These incidents collectively paint a grim picture of the challenges faced during this registration exercise. They not only undermine the democratic process but also threaten the safety and
rights of every participant. Immediate action is necessary to restore faith in the system and ensure the security and integrity of our electoral processes.
Finally, regarding the issue of obtaining the serial numbers of BVR kits, we affirm our commitment to transparency, as articulated by our National Chairman, Hon. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah. We urged our registration agents to meticulously track and record the serial numbers of the BVRs used during the registration exercise and we are proud to report that our agents have risen to this challenge, enabling us to accurately monitor the data generated by each BVR kit.
We extend our deepest gratitude to our agents for their diligence and urge them to continue their vigilant oversight of the registration officials at all centers. Our insistence on documenting the serial numbers of the BVR kits is driven by a commitment to accountability and transparency, not by any motive of malice. If the Electoral Commission (EC) truly upholds the principles of fairness and openness, it should have no reservations about allowing our agents to record these numbers. The ability to do so is crucial, particularly if there is nothing to conceal. This practice is essential not only for ensuring the integrity of the registration process but also for reinforcing public confidence in the electoral system as a whole.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, esteemed citizens of Ghana,
As I conclude, it is with a sense of urgent responsibility that we address the myriad of issues undermining the integrity of our electoral process under the current administration. The Electoral Commission (EC), which should function as an impartial arbiter, has exhibited a worrying trend of negligence and incompetence that must not go unchallenged as we approach the critical 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections.
Despite the EC's mandate to conduct free and fair elections, we have witnessed a systematic erosion of trust through their actions — actions that starkly reflect the corrupt and cronyistic tendencies of the Akufo-Addo Bawumia government. The NPP’s veiled threats to retain power
at all cost and the EC's complicity in these threats represent a direct assault on the democratic principles that Ghana has long been celebrated for.
Today, we have laid bare the EC’s continuous failings, from the questionable recruitment of electoral officers to the mishandling of registration processes and the flagrant security breaches orchestrated by those in power. These are not mere oversights but appear to be part of a broader scheme to disenfranchise particularly the youth and suppress new voter registrations that are critical to shaping Ghana's future.
Furthermore, we call upon civil society, the international community, and other political stakeholders to join us in closely monitoring the EC’s activities. This broad-based vigilance is essential to ensure that the forthcoming elections truly reflect the will of the Ghanaian people.
The NDC reiterates its unwavering commitment to defending the democratic rights of all Ghanaians. We will not stand idly by while the potential for a free and fair election is undermined. We will confront and contest any and all attempts to skew the electoral process. Our dedication to the democratic process is resolute, and we are prepared to take all necessary actions to protect the integrity of the vote.
Let us be clear: the choice before the EC is straightforward. They can either conduct their duties with the integrity that their position demands and ensure a peaceful transition of power, or they will face the full strength of a united and determined opposition.
The Electoral Commission must not merely sit up—it must rise to the occasion with urgency and transparency! The EC is compelled to address the 35 critical questions posed by the NDC regarding the theft of the biometric equipment. The gravity of these issues cannot be overstated, and we demand clear, prompt responses.
Furthermore, we insist on the initiation of an independent bipartisan parliamentary inquiry into the conduct of the EC, particularly focusing on the stolen BVR kits which were under CCTV surveillance at the EC headquarters, and the mysterious disappearance of BVDs.
Indeed, the EC’s actions in the coming days will signal its commitment—or lack thereof—to upholding the democratic process in Ghana. We will accept nothing less than full accountability and immediate remedial action to restore faith in our electoral process.
Let me also use the opportunity to make this demand to the EC.
On replacement of lost voter ID cards starting from 30th May 2024, the EC must provide the cards at no cost to the victims of flood along the Volta River and lake.
In conclusion, we stand not just as a party seeking electoral victory but as staunch advocates for democracy and the rule of law. The NDC is ready to lead, not only to correct the course of our nation but to rebuild the broken trust between the people and the institutions designed to serve them. The path forward is one of restoration and renewal, and together, with the vigilance and support of the Ghanaian people, we will ensure that the future of Ghana is secured in the hands of leaders who truly represent their interests and aspirations.
Thank you for your attention, and together, let's safeguard the sanctity of our electoral
process and ensure a vibrant democratic future for Ghana.

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