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Election petition "wasting time and time is money” - Gamey

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

He said the number of hours the live broadcast consumes is having adverse effects on the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Tagging it as a problem for the country, Mr Austin Gamey, in an interview with Radio Gold, called for the case to be pre-recorded and played in the evenings in order not to interrupt working hours.

He said the live telecast does not add any value to Ghana’s yield and has burdened the economy.

He stated that “the clamouring for direct telecasting of these proceedings is a burdensome thing we have imposed on ourselves. Even though it might- in the surface- look good, if you honestly ask me, I will tell you I don’t see it…Now, engaging everybody’s attention to this particular thing that will surely not add any cedi to our income as a nation when the meat is almost off the bones, I think that I’m scared.”

To him, the election case does not pose any threat to the nation; therefore, the live telecast is only making the nation unproductive.

“We have overrated it as a threat. We have used the media to make it look like a threat. It’s never a threat and so many ordinary people who are the key voters in this nation, don’t care too much about... people are making it look as if it’s a major threat. It’s not. It’s not true. It’s the frontline politicians who are making it look like that,” he noted.

He asserted that showing the court proceedings live is “wasting time and time is money. We pay people for the time they put in and now, the time is being consumed at the expense of watching TV over something that is not going to add GH¢1 to anything. In addition, we are in the eyes of the world, not being serious. That is it; we are unproductive.”