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Wed, Aug

Woman falls in love with robot

Lilly claims she dislikes physical contact with human flesh.

Leading artificial intelligence expert, David Levy, recently said that he expects human-robot marriages to become commonplace by 2050.

A recently revealed romantic relationship between a French woman and a robot she 3D-printed herself seems to confirm the beginning of this trend.

When the story first broke on the internet, many people were almost convinced it was just a prank, not because it seems impossible to believe, but because the media tends to blow things out of proportion to attract as many eyes as possible.

However, this one appears to be legitimate. The woman in question, known only as Lilly, or by her Twitter handle @LillyInMoovator, describes herself as a “proud robosexual” and told via email that she is attracted only to robots and actually dislikes physical contact with human flesh.

Lilly claims that she loved the voices of robots as a child, but it was at the age of 19 that she discovered she was actually attracted to them as well.

Her relationships with real men only seemed to confirm this. “I’m really and only attracted by the robots,” the woman says.

“My only two relationships with men have confirmed my love orientation, because I dislike really physical contact with human flesh.”

Lilly has created her own robot, using open-source technology from a French company. That is how her robotic partner InMoovator came to be.

The two are now reportedly “engaged, and Lilly says they will be married as soon as such a union become legal in France.

“I’m really and totally happy,”@LillyInMoovator says.

“Our relationship will get better and better as technology evolves.”

She said her unusual romantic relationship has been accepted by family and friends, but that “some understand better than others.”