Zoomlion acquires additional vehicles, equipment to improve services

BY: Emmanuel Bonney
Rev. Ebenezer K. Addae (2nd right), General Manager, Vector Control Services explaining to Mrs Cecilia Abena Dapaah (3rd right), Mrs Gloria Opoku Anti (left) and other Ministers of State on how the disinfectant machines are used. Picture: EDNA SALVO-KOTEY & ESTHER ADJEI

Zoomlion Ghana Limited has procured modern disinfection and fumigation transport vehicles and equipment to help it support the government effectively in its (government’s) efforts to contain the spread of diseases in the country.

The vehicles and equipment will be deployed from January 6 to fumigate and disinfect schools ahead of their reopening.

At a ceremony to showcase the vehicles and equipment in Accra yesterday, the Managing Director of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, Mrs Gloria Anti, said the company was in a better shape and well prepared to support the government to ensure a clean and safe environment.

“We are gathered here this morning to showcase a fleet of modern disinfection and fumigation transport vehicles and equipment that will aid in reducing the spread of communicable diseases, including the COVID-19,” she said.

Mrs Anti said the vehicles and equipment procured included 50 automisers, 10 street disinfection trucks, 5,000 motorised spraying machines, 5,000 knapsack spraying machines and 100 disinfection drones.

In addition, she said, Zoomlion alone had 7,000 spraying gangs spread across the country, adding: “In order to share professional experience, we have established the Pests and Vector Control Association of Ghana, with the primary objective to control pests and vectors through disinfection and fumigation.”

She said the association had a spraying gang membership of about 10,000 who are ready to serve the country whenever thay were called upon to do so.

Work done

She said last year, through its implementing agencies, and in collaboration with certain government agencies, Zoomlion disinfected over 6,000 markets, 31,450 schools and various public places, including over 5,000 churches, mosques and regional airports, as well as military and police installations, across the country against the COVID-19.

She said the COVID-19 was still around and so there was the need to build human resource and improve logistical capacities to contain the spread of the disease by way of disinfection and the practice of good hygiene.

She stated that she was confident that the disinfection exercises had helped in sustaining the gains made in containing the spread of the COVID-19 and also made public places safe.

Mrs Anti pledged Zoomlion’s support to any initiative by the government to make the country safer and more attractive to investors.

“Last year, the government of Ghana was recognised and lauded by other countries as being one of the best in Africa in terms of its response and efforts to curb the spread of the disease.

“This was achieved through the concerted efforts of the government and other public and private sector players, including Zoomlion Ghana Limited and its partners,” she said.

She commended the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and the people of Ghana for believing in the private sector and supporting it in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, Mrs Cecelia Dapaah, commended Zoomlion for investing heavily in the purchase of vehicles and equipment to help it continue with the good work it had been contracted to do.

“As a ministry, we stand in solidarity with Zoomlion and other members of the Environmental Services Providers Association. We have together initiated recycling projects in all the 16 regions of the country. We have also partnered to specially disinfect and clean all our major cities and, for the first time in the history of this country, evacuate refuse dumps that have existed for a very long time, some as long as 100 years,” she said.