The largest gathering in Accra?

BY: Daily Graphic
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills addressing the congregation on “The token of the blood.”

The Good Friday miracle service with Bishop Dag Heward-Mills was held at the Independence Square in Accra. Tens of thousands of people poured on to the grounds from as early as 6 a.m. from all over the city.  Many commercial buses seemed to be engaged for this mammoth event.

After the 5,000-member mass choir had sung, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, the founder and leader of Lighthouse Chapel International preached the Good Friday sermon on the topic, ‘The Token of the Blood’. He explained using the passage from Exodus 12 that just as blood was used as a ‘token’ (which means, signal, flag, beacon, monument, omen, evidence and a miracle) to save the Israelites who were under bondage in Egypt; the Blood of Jesus “is today saving each of us from the destruction of sin.” 

In his typical down-to-earth manner, Bishop Heward-Mills explained how God used the very things that the Egyptians worshipped against them.  He explained that in today’s world, God is showing mankind that the various things we ‘worship’ may be the things that will eventually lead to our destruction.  

Reading also from Exodus 12:12 he taught that God’s intention was to ‘execute judgment on the ‘gods of Egypt’.

He stated, “In the run up to the blood coming in, you see God sending judgment on everything that human beings trusted in. The Bible says, little children keep yourselves from idols. Don’t have any other god other than the TRUE GOD”.

He taught that God proved to Pharaoh that none of the gods the Egyptians worshipped could save them.  In those days, the people of Egypt had various gods including, the Nile River, frogs, insects, the Sun, cattle and so forth. 

Today people, including professing Christians, ‘worship’ various things. Bishop Heward-Mills explained that “your god is the one who makes you move, the one who you take most of your money to and sacrifice to.” 

He concluded his sermon with a call for everyone to dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ. After a prayer for the sick, many notable healing miracles occurred. Some of those who were healed went up on the platform to testify.

Considering the seating capacity of the Independence Square in Accra, the question on many people’s lips after the Bishop’s Good Friday Miracle Service is, “Are we witnessing the largest gathering ever in Accra?”