Police warn ladies to be careful of male friends

BY: Isaac Yeboah

The Communication and Public Affairs Department of the Ghana Police Service has issued a number security and safety tips to alert the public on current crime trends, as the Yuletide approaches.

In effect, the Department says it wants the public to step up personal security consciousness in the country.

The tips include the need for people to clear weedy surroundings and homes so criminals do not use them as cover to attack, as well as manners to keep at drinking spots and parties especially for women so they do not fall prey to rapists.

The tips

Home Security

Bushes and weedy areas around surroundings/houses must be cleared as criminals can use as a cover to strike. Surroundings should be illuminated.

Road Safety

Motorists should desist from drink driving, speeding, talking on phone, to avert possible road accidents which may lead to loss of lives.

Ladies, especially students

  • Ladies should be aware of the new date rape drug used by rapists to drug their targets at parties, etc.
  • The following personal security measures are recommended:
  • Buy your own drinks and serve yourself if possible
  • Do not leave your drinks on the table in case of attending to nature's call
  • Be careful of your male friends especially at social gatherings.

A statement announcing the tips and signed by Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Eklu, who is also Director-General/Public Affairs, said subsequent crime prevention and safety tips will be available on the Police Facebook page, Twitter handle and YouTube.