MPs seek Subah’s support to address challenges in land administration

BY: Dominic Moses Awiah
 A member of the Land and Forestry Select committee, Mr Rashid Pelpuo, observing how the new technology works
A member of the Land and Forestry Select committee, Mr Rashid Pelpuo, observing how the new technology works

A delegation from the Parliamentary Select Committee on Land and Forestry yesterday paid a working visit to Subah Infosolutions Ghana Limited, an IT company in Accra, to see how best a new technology the company has developed can be used to address challenges confronting land registration and multiple sales and ownership of lands.

Led by its chairman, Mr Benito Owusu-Bio, the committee also used the visit to study the new technology that has the potential to generate, process and store accurate data for national development.

Currently, the technology is being tested in all the 216 districts in Ghana to enable the company to address potential challenges relating to its use.

About the technology

 Dubbed the “Digital Mapping and Property Addressing System”, the technology will aid the gathering of various forms of information, including property, household, street names and addresses.

The system will also have the map of Ghana and panoramic imagery that will help scan the vicinity of people whose information is captured in the system.

When completed, the technology centre will become a one-stop shop for national database and accurate data for effective planning.

Currently, the technology system for the Greater Accra Region has been developed, with the official launch scheduled for the end of March this year.


Addressing the media after the tour, Mr Owusu-Bio said the new technology would help address about 80 per cent of the challenges confronting land administration in the country.

“With this technology, you can easily trace the ownership of properties and also identify people who use fraudulent means to deceive the public,” he said.

Over the past years, Mr Owusu-Bio said, there had been numerous challenges regarding the gathering of updated data needed by government agencies to undertake development projects.

“The committee was, therefore, excited when we heard that Subah Infosolutions Ghana Limited has come up with a technology that will help identify and trace the ownership of properties and solve other problems in the land sector,” he said.

For the system to efficiently work, Mr Owusu-Bio stressed the need for Subah Infosolutions Ghana Limited to partner government agencies, considering the fact those institutions required such data to perform their operations speedily.

“We are happy to learn that the company is already collaborating with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. We hope you can extend it more to other government agencies,” he said.

Mr Owusu-Bio also commended the management of Subah Infosolutions Ghana Limited for developing the new technology and urged them to come up with more innovations to boost Ghana’s chances of attaining its development goals.

Subah Infosolutions determined

Explaining some of the features of the technology, the Director of Property Databank, an affiliate of Subah Holding Company Limited, Professor Felix Hammond, said it would aid in proper planning and decision making, increase revenue generation for municipalities and improve emergency services.

He added that the technology system would also create a platform for all government agencies to coordinate their activities and share information relating to their operations.

Mr Hammond also lauded government agencies for their support during the initial stages of the project and called on them to help the company, especially in the gathering of data from their departments.