Kwahus to eat from same ‘ayowa’ this Easter

BY: Edmund Smith-Asante
 Potters working on the earthenware for the Easter fufu party
Potters working on the earthenware for the Easter fufu party

As part of the activities lined up to mark Easter at Mpraeso on the Kwahus ridge, members of the community as well as indigenes returning home will have the opportunity to eat fufu together in a very large earthenware referred to as "Ayowa" by the kwahus.

As many as 50 people can eat from the huge "Ayowa" which will require not less than five people to carry it in view of its weight and width.

The innovation is also intended to promote unity among the citizens – both home and abroad, who will be meeting during the celebrations.

Speaking with the Daily Graphic during a visit to Mpraeso, the Baamuhene of Kwahu Mpraeso, Nana Obuotipim Obeng Akrofi Darte, said it had not been easy moulding an earthenware that huge and the potters had only succeeded after 11 failed attempts.

During the visit, three of the huge earthenware were almost ready for use during the Easter festivities and some potters were seen putting the final touch up for the fufu party. Kwahus do not joke with their fufu and soup.

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Special Easter fufu

The communal fufu eating will be the highlight of a ‘Free Easter Sunday Fufu Special’ scheduled for 11a.m. to 4p.m. on April 21, 2019 at the forecourt of the Mpraeso palace.

Nana Darte said: “What will blow everyone’s mind is that all the potters in this town have managed to mould a very big earthenware. I can say that in the whole world we do not have an earthenware as big as this.

“What the potters have produced can be carried by 10 people and about 100 people can eat from that earthenware at a time. This shows the power that we have at Mpraeso and we will showcase all these on the Easter Saturday,” he stated with pride.

Asanka sales

Aside from the communal eating, anyone who wishes to partake in the party will be required to buy an ‘ayowa’ before being served free of charge by caterers of the Abossey Okai chop bar owned by Nana Amakye, which is providing free food for 300 people.

Nana Darte explained that the move is to promote the ‘ayowa’ trade, which is the predominant vocation in the area, during the festivities.

To drive sales, he said, “we will only serve people who buy an earthenware so that everyone will know the work we do here. So buy an ‘ayowa’ and come and eat our fufu.

As for the cassava, plantain and grasscutter we will give it for free but you have to buy our ‘ayowa,” Nana Darte said.

He emphasised that anyone who attends with ‘ayowa’ from their homes will not be allowed to partake in the fufu party.