Mrs Jemima Oware - Registrar-General
Mrs Jemima Oware - Registrar-General

Issa Ouedraogo commends Director General of the Registrar General's Department

Issa Ouedraogo commends Director General of the Registrar General's Department


I would like to extend my commendation to Ghana's Registrar General's Department for their professionalism and dedication.

I would also like to express my special thanks to Mrs. Jemima Oware, the Director General of the Registrar General's Department.

I sincerely appreciate your office for upholding professionalism on the need to obtain my consent before making any changes to the company's constitution and shareholding structure.

By doing so, we can uphold the principles of transparency, fairness, and lawfulness that are essential to maintaining the integrity of our company and our country.

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A shareholder had the audacity to go to the Registrar General's Department in a clandestine attempt to alter the company's constitution and remove an innovative and visionary indigenous shareholder.

This shareholder has dedicated his heart, soul, and entire life savings to promote sustainable agriculture (climate-smart agriculture) and food security, building the company from the ground up in Ghana.

All of this took place when both Moringa and BELA, as lawyers, knew that we were in arbitration to determine the true ownership of B-BOVID.

Prior to that, Moringa also made unilateral and unauthorized alterations to the company's Board of Directors by adding Antoine Turpin and Kofi Ansah, a director at Abosso Golddfields LTD, using BELA's trustee services without my knowledge or consent as a shareholder, despite my official roles as the company's secretary and board chairman.

These actions are not only illegal but also disregard the principles of corporate governance and undermine the integrity of the company.

Attached below is a copy of the letter of commendation

By Issa Ouedraogo, B-BOVID Limited
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