IGP to re-assign policemen who could not vote in Special Voting

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong
Mr James Oppong-Boanuh - Inspector-General of Police (IGP)
Mr James Oppong-Boanuh - Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

The Inspector General of Police, Mr James Oppong Boanuh has assured that all policemen whose names did not appear in the Special Voters register and therefore could not vote on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 would be re-assigned to areas that will make it possible for them to vote on December 7.

The IGP gave the assurance in a radio interview on Accra based Peace FM's Kookrokoo morning programme on Thursday, monitored by Graphic Online.

The application for Special Voting in this year's elections for a number of policemen could not go through.

Hence on Tuesday, December 1 during the Special Voting, some policemen could not find their names in the register and hence were unable to vote.

Some of them expressed concerns that the police administration had assigned them on election duties at areas far from their polling stations hence it was going to be difficult for them to vote on December 1.

EC's explanation

The Electoral Commission (EC) explained that applications for some policemen could not go through because some of them provided wrong voter details such as voter ID numbers and polling stations codes when they applied.

The EC said since it was working under a strict deadline, the initial applications which could not go through could not be reconsidered but it had instituted measures to ensure that all such affected persons would be given priority to vote once they report at their various polling stations.

IGP's plan

Speaking on the Peace FM radio interview, the IGP said the administration was working to ensure that no policeman was disenfranchised.

The arrangement, he said was that, they are re-assigning all those affected policemen to areas close to their polling stations so that on Election Day, they can take a work break and move to their polling stations to vote and report back to their duty posts.

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