GWCL working to restore water flow in Adabraka

BY: Daily Graphic

The management of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has assured residents of Adabraka in Accra, who are facing an acute water shortage, that it is aware of the current intermittent flow of water and is working around the clock to restore regular flow with maximum pressure.

In a statement issued yesterday, the company said it had deployed over 30 tankers to the community to serve consumers at vantage points to ameliorate the situation.

It explained that the challenge had come about as a result of the putting up of unauthorised structures on GWCL pipelines and valves which were causing blockage and consistent bursting of the lines, leading to low pressure and erratic flow in some areas.

“The management of the company assures residents that engineers from the GWCL are in control of the situation and working assiduously to restore flow in the community,” it said.


“The GWCL apologises to consumers for the inconvenience caused by the situation and assures the public that there is no reason to panic, as the two major treatment plants (the Weija and the Kpong Treatment plants) that serve Greater Accra are fully operational and that the current situation is peculiar only to the Adabraka area,” it added.

The statement urged the public and prospective developers to desist from building on pipelines, GWCL valves and government areas demarcated for the utilities to forestall similar situations in the future.  

It said it was seeking the cooperation of the public in finding a solution to the present challenge.


Residents of Adabraka have, for the past three weeks, been experiencing water shortage.

The situation has become very worrying, as both adults, particularly women, and schoolchildren spend valuable time in search of water from neighbouring communities.
Some of the affected residents have had to rely on water drawn from wells and sachet water for domestic use.