Metro Mass Transit takes delivery of 20 buses

BY: Emmanuel Bonney
Mr Ahmed Arthur speaking at the ceremony after handling over the keys to the buses to Mr Albert Adu Boahen (left).
Mr Ahmed Arthur speaking at the ceremony after handling over the keys to the buses to Mr Albert Adu Boahen (left).

The Metro Mass Transit (MMT) Limited yesterday took delivery of 20 more luxurious buses with a commitment to transform the company into a world-class establishment in the next two years.

According to the Managing Director of the MMT, Mr Albert Adu Boahen, prudent measures put in place, including the procurement of more buses and good maintenance culture, among other things, would see a big improvement in the operations of the company.

“We are going to transform Metro Mass into a world-class transport company that can be compared to any of such companies elsewhere in the world. This is in terms of driver-attitude, staff behaviour, professionalism in driving and technology,” he said, adding that “in the next two years you will see a different Metro Mass”.

The 20 buses bring to 49 the number of luxurious vehicles the MMT has taken delivery of over the past three months. In August, the company had 29 47-seater buses to augment its fleet, with the view to improve on its services.

Mr Boahen noted that the company was expecting a third batch of 50 buses in February next year, and that once those came on board, MMT should be able to serve most of its customers.

“In going forward, there is another possibility of getting another 200 buses. Most of the buses we have here are old and have outlived their usefulness, so next year we will have more buses, including VDL buses, which customers trust so well,” he said.


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Regarding maintenance, he said, the company was trying to get a partner to help revamp the head office to convert it into a modern terminal with offices and maintenance workshop.

“With maintenance, I can guarantee you that things will not be the same. We are pulling all our drivers along through a lot of training, and the past six months have seen a lot of those trainings. We live in a dynamic society where technology keeps evolving so if you don’t bring your people up to speed with new technology, you will find yourself wanting”.

Board Chair

For his part, Mr Arthur said the old buses in the system would be phased out when the company received the 200 buses next year.

“Metro Mass is a brand that has come to stay and it moves people across the country to and fro. So it is our responsibility to ensure that we get new buses to replace the old ones.

“We are fortunate to have these buses working for us because they are very robust. As we speak, it is the first batch of buses that President Kufuor brought that is sustaining this company, the VDL buses. Though they are very old they are the buses sustaining the company,” he said.

The fleet of the company, he said, had reduced from 1,480 to around 430, which was not good and we have a responsibility to shore up the buses.

He indicated that in the next two years the MMT should have about 800 buses to convey people in every part of the country.