Communities along White Volta warned of Bagre Dam spillage

BY: Vincent Amenuveve

People engaged in farming activities along the White Volta Basin in the Upper East Region have been asked to vacate their farms and communities as authorities in Burkina Faso prepare to spill excess water in the Bagre Dam.

The warning follows the detection of signs of flooding as a result of the Bagre Dam spillage in communities such as the Talensi, Bawku West, Binduri districts and the Bawku Municipality, where the White Volta passes.

The Upper East Regional Secretariat of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Mr Alfred Saawug, told the Daily Graphic that zonal co-ordinators of NADMO stationed in the affected districts had been put on the alert.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, the Regional Coordinator of NADMO explained that the organisation’s checks showed that there was no spillage yet, although NADMO was notified of a possible spillage last Monday.


According to Mr saawug, NADMO had consistently been advising those who live in communities along the White Volta Basin to relocate, and this they had done through the holding of community durbars, radio discussion programmes and other fora.

Mr Saawug said farmers, people who travelled on the basin, as well as those who worked in areas likely to be flooded, had been advised to stay out of the place until the spillage was over.

Although NADMO had limited time to inform people about the spillage, he was confident that the information would get to the people.


The Bawku Municipal Coordinator of NADMO, Mr Musah Suleimana, further called on persons who had farms around the White Volta in areas such as Mognori, Tanpizua and Gentiga to stay away from their farms during the spillage to avoid putting their lives at risk.