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Thu, Sep

Over 20 students arrested for attempted hacking of UG MIS

Over 20 students have been arrested and are in the grips of the BNI for attempting to hack and change their grades in the Management Information System (MIS).

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana (UG), Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu made this revelation at the UG Central Cafeteria where he observed the Palm Sunday with the National Union of Presbyterian Students (NUPS-G), a student religious group.

He proceeded to warn students saying that the security of the MIS has been tightened and would not be easy to get around.

Professor Owusu told the gathering that it is better to fail and re-write than to cheat saying, "the re-sit may be a testimony”.

He also warned that anyone who is found guilty of attempting to hack the system would be expelled.

The Vice Chancellor advised students against miscreants who approach them with the proposal to help them change their grades.