‘We need standard of discipline to produce quality leaders’

BY: Ezekiel E. Sottie
The graduates with dignitaries after the ceremony
The graduates with dignitaries after the ceremony

The Supervisor of the Akuse Volta River Authority (VRA) Basic Schools, Mr Reuben Atsu Kugblenu, has stated that for the country to get good leaders for the future, we need high standard of discipline in the schools, especially at the basic level which is the foundation.

He said the kind of education and discipline that the child got influenced, to a large extent, the kind of leader such a person would be.

“When you attend a school where discipline is the hallmark of the teachers and the entire administration, the school will eventually produce some good leaders if not all, and conversely when the school and the entire administration lacks discipline, some of the products, if not all of that educational institution, will be indisciplined,” he explained.

Mr Kugblenu was addressing pupils, students, parents, guardians as well as officials of the VRA at the Open Day and Graduation ceremony at Akuse VRA Basic Schools on the Theme, “Educating the Youth for Tomorrow’s Leadership” today.

Twenty-four students in the junior high school graduated for the year 2019.

Brief history

Akuse International School, formerly Akuse Grade School, was established by the Volta River Authority (VRA) on September 27, 1982 as one of the satellite schools to cater for children and wards of VRA workers engaged in the construction of the Kpong Hydro-electrical Dam at Akuse.

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The school currently has three departments: the kindergarten, the primary and the junior high school (JHS) which was started in September 2002. It has a total enrolment of 469 pupils and students made up of 235 boys and 234 girls.

Time-tested values

Mr Kugblenu emphasised that the Akuse VRA School inculcated a high level of discipline, respect, tolerance and good morals into the pupils and students, which would help them exhibit good behaviours wherever they found themselves in the society.

He said “we find this necessary in the face of the present global challenges of vices disguised in bringing danger to our future generation”.


The supervisor of the Akuse VRA Schools mentioned a number of items needed by the school to include computer laboratory, administration office and staff rooms, pre-technical skills and catering rooms, library and K.G. play equipment.

The others, Mr Kugblenu said were musical instruments, fencing of the school and other security measures including CCTV and also boarding house for both boys and girls at Akuse as pertained at Akosombo and appealed to the management of the VRA to help achieve the dreams of the Akuse VRA schools.

Better leaders

The Acting Learning Officer for VRA Academy, Mr Eric Mensah Bonsu, said if the present generation was appropriately educated, the coming ones were sure to even get better education and produce better leadership for the country, adding, “the youth should be properly educated as they will lead society and the country tomorrow”.

He said the environment where any child was brought up, influenced the behaviour and actions of such a child and advised parents and guardians to influence

their children and wards positively during their youthful days in order to grow with good morals and be good leaders for their families and the country at large.

Demand on teachers

The Director, General Services of VRA, Mrs Shirley Habiba Seidu, noted that there were demands placed on teachers to prepare the pupils and students to play leadership roles in the future.

She, therefore, tasked the teachers of the VRA schools to prepare and produce quality leaders for the country.