Disclose COVID-19 cases - NaSIA charges school heads

BY: Education Desk Report
Dr Haggar Hilda Ampadu

The National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA) has charged schools to commit to transparency with the full disclosure of the COVID-19 cases.

It said there was the need for all schools to adopt an all-hands on deck approach to defeat the pandemic.

“Reports reaching the NaSIA indicate that some schools that have recorded positive cases of COVID-19 have refused to disclose the information either to the relevant authorities or parents.

“These reports have been received from mostly concerned parents and members of the public,” a statement signed by the Inspector General of Schools, Dr Haggar Hilda Ampadu, said.

It reminded all schools that its team of inspectors were currently conducting COVID-19 compliance inspections in schools nationwide and counted on the cooperation of school leadership to ensure full compliance to COVID-19 protocols.

“As the country continues to record COVID-19 cases, the NaSIA remains committed to ensuring the health and safety of all learners and staff. We,therefore, urge schools to put all the necessary measures in place to prevent the outbreak of the COVID-19 and report to the Ghana Health Service and the NaSIA immediately when a case is recorded,” it said.

The statement said parents were also advised not to send their children to school when they were showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and alerted school authorities immediately when a member of the family tested positive.