What is your greatest year so far?

BY: Julius Mawuli Ziorklui
Currently, in the world, we have a lot of people who are not in control of their lives.

The dawn of a new year is always an exciting feeling for the many who flood churches, pubs, etc., to usher themselves into the year.

While the new year comes with the feeling of gratitude and an opportunity to make changes, it can be inundating for some people because a candid assessment shows they’ve not made significant progress in life.

Not to remind anybody of their pain but those who were negatively affected by the pandemic may find the new year overwhelming because the pandemic is still here with us. Years have come and years have gone but I’m of the view that this year can be your greatest year so far if you’d do just one thing.

Currently, in the world, we have a lot of people who are not in control of their lives. It feels like their lives have become a partnership.

They own just a portion- usually the smallest portion- of their lives. They keep experiencing bouts of defeat from what they don’t know. On the flip side, we have people who can’t identify with seemingly hopeless life. And this is not because they don’t face challenges or get defeated at times. There’s no secret… They are simply committed to ...

If you want to have a great year, you must seek to add value to yourself. Robin Sharma, author of The monk who sold his Ferrari, believes that all the answers we seek for our challenges are all hidden in books. I hope you agree with me that we live in amazing times where anything is possible. There's no telling of what is possible in recent times. An old woman said to me, when

I was young, “It took people months to travel to America but now in a few hours one could be breathing American air.” I chuckled and said, “We live in an era of possibilities.” Every day the number of researches published is mind-blowing. You'll agree that what we know today won't be very relevant in 10 years’ time. Could it also be that what we knew yesterday isn't very relevant today? Grocery is not the only commodity that has expiry dates. Knowledge has always been a silent passenger on the expiry wagon.

We may want to learn more this year considering the pace at which we are moving. Those who decide to educate themselves stand a chance of having a great year. A story is told of a construction firm that hired five labourers for a project which would last for three years. In the first year of the project, one of them realised that new technology had been introduced so he decided to educate himself by learning how to use the technology which had been introduced.

His colleagues felt there was no need because they have been doing the work for years and had never been jobless. In the second year of the project, management had to let some of the labourers go home because their services were no longer needed. The labourer who had sacrificed and learned how to use the new technology could fit in, therefore, he was spared.

Adding value to yourself today by reading a book, attending a workshop, volunteering, listening to a podcast should be treated as urgent.

Isaac Asimov, an American writer and professor of biochemistry, has said: “Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

This year has a lot of opportunities for you. But these opportunities await you at the junction of preparation which requires that you pick the bus knowledge.

There's no telling what you can do or what you can know. This year can be your greatest year so far if you commit yourself to add value to yourself daily.

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